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Everyone here at Pinnacle sends you the warmest Holiday greetings!

It’s been a fantastic photographic year in terms of great images and great new equipment. In 2018 we’ll continue
to dig and keep you abreast of the most important and sometimes off-beat photo industry news. In this issue we highlight
an impressive new landscape photography book, two important articles on photo technique, a tiny surprise about the new
iMac Pro and more. Let’s get going.


Masters Of Landscape Photography: Stunning Images By 16 Leading Exponents Of The Genre

The images in this book are so impressive we immediately tried to buy it. The title Masters Of Landscape Photography does the
book justice if the photographs in this article that ran in the International Business Times is any indication. Take
the time to view the images and don’t miss the short video book trailer at the bottom. Oh, unfortunately Barnes and
Nobel won’t have the book until April 1, 2018.

See the master landscape photographs HERE


Got $13,199 For An iMac Pro?

Really? No, Really? Come on. Believe it. The folks at PetaPixel were elated when the iMac Pro was introduced and dashed to get one. They conjured up their dream machine with the most powerful processor, maxed out memory, maxed out storage and more. The end price is “about the same base price as a 2018 Chevrolet Spark LS”. </p>

Read about the maxed out iMac Pro HERE


Nature Photographer Of The Year

The winners of National Geographic’s 2017 Nature Photographer Of The Year competition have been announced and the winning images are beyond noteworthy. We highlight many competition winners in this newsletter and we think this is
an amazing collection of images by talented photographers both amateur and pro.

See the winning images HERE


20 Composition Techniques

You’ve exhausted the Rule Of Thirds in your photographic compositions. Then, you moved on to tight cropping. Then, you ask yourself the question “what now”. This article gives you composition ideas that are beyond the tried and true and are actually useful. While it starts off with the Rule Of Thirds it quickly moves on to more imaginative suggestions. Even experienced photographers will find this a nice refresher and compilation.

Get the info HERE


Top Ten Photography Tips You Need To Master

If you’re new to photography or just made the resolution to dedicate yourself to the craft then this concise collection of tips is for you. From blurry backgrounds to eliminating camera shake, all the photo technique basics are covered and more. This one read will give you enough skills to work on for the whole of 2018. If you think you’re an advanced photographer then you should make sure that you already master these skills.

Get more info HERE


Top News Photos Of 2017

This set of impactful and wide-ranging news images from 2017 as chosen by The Atlantic magazine provokes your emotions whether you think they’re “Top” photos or not. The Holiday season is a perfect time to be viewing these images as they can’t help but make you feel grateful for what you have. Caution, this photo set can be upsetting in places.

See the news photos HERE



No, You Definitely Did Not Sleep There

You’ve seen the images of healthy trekkers standing on the edge of an epic cliff, gazing at the purple band of light in the early evening horizon while their tents, beaming with lantern light, are fixed behind them. This is where they’ll settle for the night: not. “Fake” appears to have entered the world of adventure photography. Read about Luisa Jeffreys who created the Instagram account @youdidnotsleepthere and get a dose of reality.

Read the article HERE



Those Soviets, They’re Not So Different From Us

Take a Jewish, fine art photographer who was raised in the Adirondack village of Lake Placid (think Olympics) and send him to the Soviet Union in the 1970s as a cultural ambassador and what do you get? Great photographs. Farb says of his childhood, “I grew up in a town where there was enormous wealth, and enormous poverty. It was painful, because I went to school with children who did not have socks to put on inside their galoshes in the winter.” No wonder Farb communicated beautifully with the people of Novosibirsk which Farb describes as half way between Europe and Asia. His photos from that period are now on display in a show titled “The Russians” at the Wende Museum in Culver City, Calif., as a part of its mission to focus on the Cold War.

Read more about Farb’s project and see his photographs HERE



Milky Way Over The Dolomites

Here is a head scratching photographh that makes you wonder “How did the photographer get into position at this time of day?” This short interview with San Francisco based photographer Michael Shainblum gives a glimpse into the process. The image is of the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo peaks in the Dolomite moutains in northeastern Italy. It was shot using eight vertical images with a Sony a7S camera and Canon 16-35 lens and merging them into a panorama.</p>

See the story and image HERE

Thanksgiving is behind us and it’s time to get going on Christmas gifts and, this year, we think you should consider giving yourself a nice gift. We have some suggestions for you. We also take a look at two interesting cameras, one of which is a first hand field test at the edge of the European continent. Then, we take a look at some impressive winning contest images and a collection of the most influential images of all time. Let’s get going!


What You Want For Christmas

You’ve been putting it off long enough. This Christmas, you need to up the quality of your images with a great walking around zoom that delivers professional quality. You’ve been good this year and taken care of your responsibilities so we’ve collected reviews that will give you the info you need to make the gift request or, at least, buy one for yourself. Here are representative reviews for zooms by five top manufacturers.

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM

Nikon 24-120 f4 ED VR

Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-100mm F4.0 IS PRO

Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 ZA SSM II Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 16-55mm f/2.8 LM WR


How To Get That Blurry, Action Background

You’ve seen those photos. You know, the ones with the blurred background and a sharp auto or such that convey lots of speed. How do they do that? You know that too; slow shutter speed and panning. But, it can get more complicated than that and here’s a nice article that will give you the tips needed to pull of that shot on a more regular basis.

Get the tips HERE




Leica M10 In The Wild

This is for all of you who live vicariously from time to time when dreaming about photo equipment. The Leica M10 goes for around $6500 and just one Summicron lens adds another $3K to $4K to the kit ($7k if you want the APO-Summicaron-M 50mm f2). If you’re interested in the M10 you’ve probably read a few technical reviews already. This review of the camera is different. It’s written in the voice of a real user who spent a week of quality time with his camera near the edge of known civilization in the northwest corner of Scotland.

Read about it HERE.


Image Of Determined 16-year-old Migrant Wins Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize

As the planet continues to warm and the Sahara grows south to steal agricultural land necessary for survival, a constant flow of young men makes it way up the west African coast and on through Libya to the Mediterranean. From there they take their chances on a sea crossing to Europe and what writer Tom Friedman calls “the world of order”. These conditions are the story behind the haunting winning photograph that won the Taylor Wessing portrait prize. The winning photographs and those chosen for inclusion in the annual Taylor Wessing exhibition were chosen from 5,717 submissions entered by 2,423 photographers from 66 countries. This was the first year in which digital entries were allowed for the initial sift.

See the haunting image, larger HERE.


VUK Landscape Photographer Of The Year

Landscape Photographer of the Year was founded in 2006 by Charlie Waite and the competition has steadily risen in stature. The total prize purse is over $25000 and entries are welcome from everyone, whether resident in Britain or simply visiting. Awards are presented to both the adult and young Landscape Photographer of the Year and there are four main categories that have both adult and youth sections, with additional prizes offered within each category. </p>

We highlighted the competition in HDR News last year and this year’s collection of photographs impresses. They inspire you in a contemplative way because you can mentally jump inside most of the winning images. It also inspires you to run outside with your camera a capture the world in a new way.

See the winners HERE.


Sony a7R III – 42mp At 10fps In A Light, Mirrorless Camera

Sony is on a roll with it’s pro-sports targeted a9 and now it’s upgrade to the a7RII, the a7RIII. The most impressive feature of the camera to us was the autofocus’ uncanny ability to “tenaciously” track the forward eye of your subject as it moves around the frame. The autofocus system resists the tendency to jump to another person in your frame as your primary subject continues to move. Add a 42 megapixel sensor, high burst rates and excellent image quality to the mix and you may have the camera that will push you to go mirrorless.

Check out the dpReview HERE.



In Case You Missed It: The 100 Most Influential Images Of All Time

If you’re a serious photographeryou’re likely to draw inspiration from the great photographs of the past. Indeed, there are likely a few photos that are imprinted in your mind whichoften guide you in your photography efforts. We believe the most influential photos are the ones that influence <i>you</i>. Time magazine compiled a wonderful set of 100 images which you can explore as a homage to the great photographers that have come before. Dive into the article as there are compelling descriptions and supplementary photos and videos that embellish the featured photograph.

Explore the collection HERE.



October 2017 – In this issue we want to challenge your assumptions about lens sharpness and depth of field. Many of us believe simply setting our camerasto a high f-stop will cure all evils. It can cure evils but it can produce others. Then,we take a look at newly introduced third generation camera from Canon that may make you leave your heavy DSLR gear at home. For your more advanced shooters out there we pointyou to a good article in PDN about using printed promotions to advance your career. And,there are a few more useful pieces for you as well.


Think Your Lenses Are Sharpest at f16 or f22? – Think Again!

Most photographers and especially landscape photographers strive for maximum sharpness and depth of field. Almost instinctively, developing photographers stop down their cameras to f16-f22 or thereabouts assuming the tiny aperture will do the trick (we’re guilty too!). But there’s a demon hidden in your camera’s lens and it’s called diffraction, which can rob your images of sharpness. Also, you can only focus on one spot in your image so if your image has strong near and distant elements, where do you focus for maximum sharpness throughout the image? You need to know about hyperfocal focusing.

These are somewhat technical articles that take you through focusing and aperture selection. The good news is the articles also provide simple rules that you can take into the field and avoid the heavier math. If you’re into maximizing the quality of your images these articles are a must-read. Start with the article on Hyperfocal Distance and don’t skip the article on choosing the sharpest aperture. You’ll be thanking us later!

Read about Hyperfocal Distance HERE.
Read about choosing the right aperture HERE.

Entries In The Nature Photographer Of The Year Competition

Last month we alerted you to National Geographic’s 2017 Nature Photographer Of The Year Contest. Entries are still being accepted and early entries are on display with a number of interesting takes on nature itself. And, every shooting angle possible is being explored including shooting from in a stream through Plexiglas to catch a bear’s foot as well as wonderful drone images. It’s interesting work.

See a collection of entries HERE.

You can still submit entries into the contest HERE.


White House Photographer Breaks The Mold

If you’re a White House photographer and you’re a woman, you’re breaking ground. The photojournalists covering the comings and goings at the center of our government are most likely male and just a bit jaded. Amanda Lucidon, at age 38, punctured that world with a freshness that so impressed the White House staff that she was assigned to cover First Lady Michelle Obama.

Lucidon’s first rule, don’t be late: “The motorcade only waits for one person and it’s not you,”which she shares in her book Chasing Light. Get Lucidon’s back-story and some interesting anecdotes about the First Family in this interesting piece.

Read the article HERE.


Tired Of Lugging a 4lb DSLR camera? – New 24mp, 9fps Canon Powershot G1 X Mark III

It’s been three years since Canon introduced the 9fps Powershot G1 X Mark II that was praised for it’s image quality but dinged a bit for usability. Said dpReview in 2014, “The… G1 X Mark II… whose fast lens and large sensor allow it to produce impressive photos in both bright and low light.” Now Canon has released the Mark III version with a 24mp APS-C sensor, a fixed 24-72mm equivalent f2.8-f5.6 zoom and a built-in three stop neutral density filter. The unit weights just 14oz. and fits in the palm of your hand. This
may be the camera you want with you at all times.

See dpReview’s initial reactions HERE.


NIKON D850: “… and we’re comfortable saying the D850 is the ??????? DSLR on the market today.”

Camera reviewers have now had the Nikon D850 in their hands long enough to have developed a solid opinion on the camera. See what Photography Life and dpReview have to say about image quality and usability in the field.


Read my most trusted reviewer Nasim Mansurov’s review in Photography Life HERE.

Read the dpReview article HERE.

Promote Yourself With A Printed Mailer

If you’re an advanced photographer you’re probably thinking about promoting yourself and your work. All the online articles about self promotion insist you need a presence on Facebook, Instagram and your own blog. But, there’s so much competition on those platforms that the probability of your messages getting drowned and unseen is huge. It’s time to think outside the bun (or box if you will). How about a good old fashioned printed promotion. The tactile experience of your images in the hands of a target editor may be just the thing to get you noticed and hired. At the very least, there will be far less on the editor’s desk to compete against as compared to online.

Here’s an article on four travel photographers who made the investment in a printed promotion and their results.

Check it out HERE.

September 2017  –  Welcome again to HDR News. In our last issue we focused on preparing to photograph
this year’s fall foliage. The fall foliage is happening right now and there’s nothing like looking at great autumn
images to get your mind racing and your body out there shooting. We have two inspiring collections for you. Also,
being rabid photogrpahers and lovers of technology we here at Pinnacle appreciate it when the Internet and photography
come together in way that creates community and communication while maintaining high artistic standards. That’s what
we’ve found in National Geographic’s Your Shot community which we’ll highlight in this issue. Let’s get going.


Shoot Fall Leaves Before Fall Leaves

No matter where in the U.S. you want to shoot fall colors Weather.com has you oovered. Their fall foliage page gives you up to date conditions for the entire country. They break up the country into four region maps and place icons showing the exact conditions on that day.

Foliage Map




The Autumn Equinox – Pictures To Celebrate the Arrival of Fall

The autumn equinox happens on September 21st each year and marks one of the two days of the year where day and night are the same duration. The autumn equinox also serves as reminder that disiduous trees are about to give up their leaves and go dormant in order to survive the coming winter. This collection of photos by Michael Melford perfectly captures the languid feelings of this time of year.

See the Melford collection HERE



Your Shot – National Geographic

Online communities like Facebook and Instagram have changed the way we enjoy and share photographs. Your images are right there, right now for your friends. Yet, these environments are not about the photography itself. Imagine if you could have all the interaction of these sites with the added bonus of knowing your community loves and practices photography with the same enthusiasm you do. It’s right there in National Geographic’s Your Shot community.

Your Shot is a community with the respect for photography that you would expect from National Geographic. There you’ll have trending photos, editors choices, photo assignments and contests that you can participate in. This all revolves around the My Photos feature where you upload your favorite images for the community to view and appreciate. You can be followed by other members and you can follow them yourself with the love of photography as the glue which binds it all together.

Learn about Your Shot HERE

Explore Your Shot HERE


Your Foliage Shots

This collection will show you that any photographer can upload their favorite images and be selected by National Geographic editors for sharing with the Your Shot community.

See the foliage collection from photographers like you HERE





Enter National Geographic’s Nature Photographer Of The Year Contest

While you’re in the mood, plan on entering National Geographic’s Nature Photographer Of The Year Contest. The Grand Prize winner will receive $7,500 and have their winning photo published in the magazine. Each category winner will receive $2,500 in the categories
of Wildlife, Landscapes, Aerials and Underwater. You have plenty of time to incorporate your fall foliage images into your submission as submissions are being taken until noon, November 17, 2017.

Read all about the contest HERE


Vertical pano technique in Italy

On a visit to Italy you’llquickly notice that artistic masterpieces reside on the high ceilings of churches and other iconic buildings. Italian photographerAndrea Facco was searching for a technique that would convey the full majesty of Italy’s and Eurpoe’s architecture. He settledon a common technique but used in an uncommon way. Using panorama stitching techniques usually reserved for landscapes Facco created vertical panoramas. The results are impressive. Think about it. You may be able to use the same technique in your fall foliage images; just thinking out loud.

See the vertical panoramas HERE




August 2017 – Summer is almost over with the fall foliage season a few short weeks away. To get you started with
your trip planning we’ve discovered some good location ideas. To get you thinking about images that go beyond the typical landscape we point you to a great tips collection. And, so you don’t arrive in your location before or after peak color, we found a great interactive foliage map for you.

Also in this issue is a first look at a camera that’s created a huge buzz and a shootout with the flagship cameras from Sony, Canon and Nikon


Planning For Your Fall Foliage Trip

Photographers naturally get excited about the abundant, saturated natural colors of autumn. But, there’s more to great fall photography than shooting stands of orange/red trees. At this time of year there are timeless images all around you that can be turned into treasured prints by paying attention to a
scene’s details, getting creative about composition and even adding a human element. Make the most of your fall shooting by knowing good locations and having a few new shooting ideas ready to try out.

Tips For Better Fall Foliage Photos

Interactive Fall Foliage Map

Seven awesome places for fall foliage


It’s Finally Here

One of the most anticipated cameras in recent memory has finally arrived. It’s the Nikon D850 which is the replacement for the venerated, 36mp D810. The new D850 has some stunning improvements that make it an almost must-have camera for Nikon shooters, not the least of which is its 45.7 megapixel sensor. That’s a lot of pixels that will produce a lot of data. The D850 uses the same auto focus system as the flagship D5 which, combined with an increased shooting rate that maxes out at 9 fps makes it a camera that excels in almost any situation.

If you want to download some higher res D850 image files check out Photography Life HERE.

Even more interesting is photographer Andrew Hancock’s shooting experience featured on DPReview HERE.


Flagship Epic Shootout Review: Sony A9 vs Canon 1Dxii vs Nikon D5

Most of us dream about shooting with the flagship camera in a manufacturer’s lineup. Yet, we often hear the cliché “It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer” which implies that your photo equipment doesn’t really matter. Whoa! equipment matters. While you can make great photographs with most any camera, great equipment will increase the probability of you getting the image that’s in your head. Wielding a camera with lightning auto focus, high frame rates and a top-of-the-line color engine could change everything for you. With an entry point above $5000, if you’re considering taking the plunge it’s best you do all the info gathering that you can. Here is a great comparison you can just sit back and watch.

You can watch the video HERE.


Inspiring Collection Of Travel Photos

We see a lot of images here at Pinnacle but it’s rare that we see a photo collection this good. Take a moment to see the editor’s choice photos in the National Geographic Travel Photographer Of The Year competition. It’s well worth the time.

<p>Check it out HERE.




Solar Eclipse Selection

Did your images of the great, North American eclipse look like all of the other images you’ve seen? Check out this collection of images to see what thinking a bit outside the bun and do for your photography HERE.

We think this image is the most creative eclipse photo out there. See it HERE.

July 2017 – Would you like to be a professional photographer or are you just starting out as a pro? Going pro in the age of ubiquitous cell phone imagery is a risky endeavor, much more risky than in the days of film. In this issue we take a look at one photographerwho worked his way into his dream photojournalist position. We also take a look at an alpinist photographer working his first gig for National Geographic who realized that incorporating drones and 360 video could make his work stand out.

But first we’d like to point you toward a valuable, free HDR how-to pdf that will show you exactly how to set your camera to make bracketed exposures of your scene titled 5 Steps To Great HDR Photography. You can find the link on the Pinnacle homepage or go directly to the download page HERE


The Last Defying Honey Hunter Of Nepal

What do you do on your first assignment for National Geographic? Your only alternative is to dig deep inside and use every bit of talent and
experience you have. That’s just what alpinist and photographer Renan Ozturk did to cover this compelling story of a small community of Himaliyans who withstand a vibrating mass of thousands of giant honey bees to harvest the honey that sells on the black market for $60 to $80 per pound. All this is done while dangling 300 feet in the air from a bamboo rope ladder. Despite the pressure of a first gig Ozturk delivered with stills, video, drone video and 360 immersive video all while dangling off the side of a super-scary cliff. If you need a bar to hit for your dream first gig, here it is.


Making A Living As A Photographer

Many of us who love photography dream of making our living as a shooter. Now everyone with a smart phone is a photographer which exponentially raises the supply of photographs in the market, driving down prices and making it virtually impossible to make enough money to pay the bills. But, is that really the case? Is photography about supply and demand or is it about the supply and demand for great photography. Find out in this video highlighting how Andrew Harnik broke through to become a high level photojournalist. His advice applies to all genres of photography.

See this interesting video HERE.


The Magic Of Long Exposure

If you’re looking to add drama to your landscapes then using long exposures can give you the pop you’re looking for. Photographer Adam West is a master at using long, multi-minute exposures to inject a smooth look to clouds, water and celestial movement in his photos. This article takes you through shooting skys, lakes, seascapes and more. Up your knowledge by checking this out.


Timelapse – July 4th Over L.A.

Light pollution? Indeed. “Los Angeles” is an expansive entity. It spreads from the Angeles Mountains in the north to Santa Monica in the west, Pasadena in the east and beyond. All those locations get really into July 4th and its festivities. “Creative director and photographer Dylan Schwartz posted up at the Mount Wilson Observatory on July 4 and waited for the sky to light up. From that vantage point, altitude: 5,715 feet, he could see the entire L.A. basin.” The resulting time-lapse video is impressive. Check it out.


Just Becasue It’s Cool – Hummingbirds Like You’ve Never Seen Them

If you’ve seen a hummingbird at work you won’t be seeing their wings because they flap at up to 100 times per second! They are the only birds that can hover in one place for 30 seconds or more. Photographer Anand Varma using a high-speed, high-resolution camera captures what the eye can’t see in this remarkable set of videos.

Enjoy the article and video HERE.


How To Photograph Forests And Trees

Grand vistas are the life blood of nature and landscape photography. But, we can’t always find the time or resources to make the trip to a national park or the sea shore. The next best option is to look around your own area for a forest environment. Forest photography is not easy but this article by Norwegian photographer Dag Ole Nordhaug is a sophisticated look at the techniques required.

Learn about forest technique HERE.

June 2017 – Welcome again to HDR News!  Something very rare is going to happen over the United States this summer. It’s a total solar eclipse that will start in Oregon, traverse the country and exit land on the coast of South Carolina. Eclipse fanatics will travel half-way around the world and into the remotest locations to maximize their viewing and photographing of a full solar eclipse. This issue of HDR News is dedicated to celestial photography, starting with a valuable eclipse shooting guide followed by tips on how to find the exact right location to be when it all happens on August 21, 2017. For starters check out NASA’s eclipse website HERE.


How To Shoot a Solar Eclipse And Not Go Blind

You surely know that a solar eclipse happens when the moon blocks the light of the sun from hitting certain areas of the earth. But, there’s a truck load of information about solar eclipses that you probably don’t know: annular eclipses, hybrid eclipses and more. All of them except the total eclipse at its max will fry your retinas. This great page on the Nikon website lays out for you everything you need to get the shot and see your loved ones after.

Check out this comprehensive article HERE.


Find Your Exact Eclipse Location And See The Shadow Snakes!

The next total solar eclipse in August 2017 will make it’s path across the United States, perhaps for the last time in our lifetimes. But did you know that you won’t see the maximum total eclipse unless you are standing in EXACTLY in the right position. Want to find out how to find that position with satellite accuracy? This is your video.

See this valuable video HERE.


Shoot The Moon

If shooting the su isn’t your thing, shooting the moon effectively just may be a good way to get started with photographing the sky. This article covers placing the moon in your photo using a composite workflow but it also shows you purists how to shoot the moon naturally so it doesn’t look like a tiny dot in your image.

Check it out HERE.


Where To Find The Darkest Skies In The U.S. For Serious Stargazing

Did you ever want to ride a spacecraft into space and see planets like Jupiter up close and personal? This is the next best thing. It’s NASA’s Eyes On The Solar System. It’s an interactive visualization app that you download from the NASA website that takes you on a ride along with the Juno spacecraft in real-time at any time during the entire mission. This is incredible.

Get the app and a great experience HERE.


Images From The Juno Mission – NASA’s Eyes On The Solar System

Did you ever want to ride a spacecraft into space and see planets like Jupiter up close and personal? This is the next best thing. It’s NASA’s Eyes On The Solar System. It’s an interactive visualization app that you download from the NASA website that takes you on a ride along with the Juno spacecraft in real-time at any time during the entire mission. This is incredible.

Get the app and a great experience HERE.

May 2017 – We’ve got a lot going on in this issue of HDR News. If you click on only one link in this newsletter make sure it’s to the film short by Filmspektakel. It’s a masterpiece of time lapse photography you need to see. Then we look at a sad story about a photographer who lost $20K in photo equipment in a way that could easily happen to you.

If you’re a budding nature and wildlife photographer but can’t afford a ten thousand dollar 500mm telephoto lens you’ll be happy to learn that there’s an affordable lens out there that produces pro results. We finish up with an overview of sub $1000 interchangeable lens cameras and a set of composition suggestions that don’t go anywhere near the rule of thirds. And then, at the very end, there’s The Strobist. He may just push you to the next level.

Been Blown Away Lately?

Filmspektakel is an off-the-hook time lapse, 360 recording and film production company based in Austria. They have perfected their own unique techniques to produce film sequences that would seem almost impossible to achieve with traditional methods. You MUST see this, the third episode of their “A Taste of…” time lapse series filmed in September 2016 in New York City.

Check out the video HERE

Check out the company’s website HERE


Photographer loses $20K In Gear from Overhead Bin

Being the intelligent, savvy photographer you are you surely avoid checking your camera gear on airline flights. The potential for damage is very real and quite likely. So, you carry on your camera bag knowing it will be safe. Think twice as you read the sad story of photographer Sam Hurd who had $20,000 in gear stolen from the overhead bin on his flight.

Find out how it when down HERE.


 Need A Long Lens For Wildlife Photography, On The (relative) Cheap?

Most likely when you see a close up image of a wild bird or animal it inspires you to go out and do it yourself. But, as you know, these types of images require the use of a lens in the 300mm to 600mm range and longer. Nikon’s 400mm f2.8 sells new for around $11,000 and their 600mm f4 goes for over $12,000. Shocking. However there is an alternative from Nikon which may surprise you. Their 200-500mm F5.6 VR lens is in the $1,400 range and even less, used, on eBay. Are you a little unsure about the image quality on a moderately priced zoom with a fixed f5.6 aperture? Check out this review on Photography Life and you might be convinced to get in the wildlife photography game.

Find out about the lens HERE


2017 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $500-$900

Is it time for you to move up to an interchangeable lens camera? Looking for a backup camera or a great “walking around” camera. This dpReview round up of a wide range of sub-$1,000 cameras will give you the info you need to make the right decision.

Read the story HERE


 5 Photography Composition Tips

This article isn’t about the rule of thirds: anything but. This is a neat blog post by photographer Eric Kim who isn’t afraid to go low, go wide and go crazy. No matter what kind of photography you do, this quick read may give you a little compositional boost. If you dig down to the bottom of the blog page you’ll see links to a series of composition videos. Even if you don’t agree with his advice you’ll surely re-examine your own composition tendencies.</p>

Shake up your composition HERE


Do You Own A Flash? – Let’s Get Serious

OK. This is HDR News. Do HDR photographers use a flash? Well, maybe they should if they wanted to push the envelop of HDR photography. What we would like to do here is turn you on to a newspaper photojournalist who’s had to make the best photos possible with normal DSLR flash units. He equals or betters most studio photographers with minimal equipment. His website, The Strobist, is legendary among photojournalists. You should check out his Lighting 101 page. You can thank us later.</p>

Visit The Strobist’s Lighting 101

April 2017 – New products have arrived and old publications have headed for pasture. In this issue we take a look at a mirrorless
camera that is targeted right at the market Canon and Nikon believe they own: sports photographers. In publishing news we say “good-by” to a magazine that many of us used to learn about photography. We highlight the results of an outstanding photo competition as well as the photo winners of the most prestigious journalism awards in the world.


The Sony Awards

The Sony World Photography Awards is now one of the finest photography competitions on the planet. It features Professional, Open, Youth and Student Focus divisionswhich promotes great submissions from across the spectrum of photographers. This collection of winning photographs on the Huffington Post website is lean on words and honors the photos with large reproduction (for a website). It’s worth checking out.

Take A Look!


Pop Photo Dies

As publications move to the Internet they usually lose income from reader subscriptions and advertising. Making a profit in Internet publishing is the holy-grail problem print publications have been trying to solve since the web became established. Only a few publications have been able to make the transition to online such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Now the world’s most venerable imaging publication, Pop Photo (formerly Popular Photography) is shutting down. The magazine started publishing in 1937. Read the obituary on PetaPixel.

Find out about the demise of Pop Photo.


Sony a9 (mirrorless) Sports Camera Introduction

Sony’s still cameras have risen to the top of photographer’s consideration in spite of incredibly stiff competition from the iconic camera makers Canon and Nikon. Targeted at sports photographers, the new a9 mirrorless camera touts almost unbelievable shooting speeds. According to Sony’s website “α9 liberates you from the limits of conventional SLRs that rely on mechanical systems. First to use high-speed stacked design, its 24.2-megapixel full-frame image sensor temporarily stores large-volume data in the integral memory for overall 20 times faster readout speed…”. According to dpReview “The Sony a9 is a masterpiece of technology.”

All that sounds impressive but, is a pro sports shooter going to change systems? Check out dpReview’s “first look” at the camera and another article where they share working sports photographer’s opinions on changing camera systems.

Read about sports shooters changing systems HERE


Pulitzer Prizes for Photography

According to the Pulitzer Prizes site “In the latter years of the 19th century, Joseph Pulitzer stood out as the very embodiment of American journalism. Hungarian-born, an intense indomitable figure, Pulitzer was the most skillful of newspaper publishers, a passionate crusader against dishonest government, a fierce, hawk-like competitor who did not shrink from sensationalism in circulation struggles, and a visionary who richly endowed his profession.”

In his 1904 will Pulitzer established the Pulitzer prizes as an incentive to journalistic excellence. Today, winning a Pulitzer is one of the most, if not the most coveted award in all of journalism. Fortunately for us photographers there are two categories of the awards which cover breaking news photography and feature photography.

This year’s winners were announced on April 10 with the Breaking News award going to freelance photographer Daniel Berehulak and theFeature Photography award going to E. Jason Wambasgans of The Chicago Tribune.

In both cases the winning photography can be gruesome to view but the work reveals not only the essence of deep reporting but alsothe lengths to which a committed photojournalist is willing to go to tell a story.

See the Feature Photography winner.

See the Breaking News Photography winner.

Read the whole story.


America’s Coolest National Parks You Didn’t Know You Needed To See

It’s time to start planning your summer photo trips for creating multiple HDR exposures and processing them in HDR Expose, HDR Express or 32 Float. Some of the best places to make those exposures are our National Parks. You’ve heard about Zion, Arches and Yellowstone National Parks and you can be sure they’re going to be flush with visitors all summer. Here are neat national park destinations that you probably didn’t know about that could offer you the unfettered shooting you’re looking for.

Discover little known National Parks.


Smartphone Camera Shootout: Galaxy S8, iPhone 7, Google Pixel and LG G6

The best camera is the camera you have with you. And, you always have your phone with you so, which one takes the best photos. The Galaxy S8 is the newest. Is it the best? This writer has an opinion and he’s got photos to prove it.

See the best smartphone camera.

March 2017 – Welcome Again To HDR News

So many of us believe our photographs are good enough for publication and, they most likely are good enough. In this issue, to help us live vicariously, we look at a major publication’s reader awards. Then we highlight a set of photos that have you feeling like you’re on the highest point of a rollercoaster – must see. We’ll also point you to a good article to help you make sense of the DSLR vs. Mirrorless camera choice you’re likely to be making in the near future. We end with a great look at must-photograph locations in Europe. Let’s dive in!

You can always read HDR News online at https://wp.pinnacleimagingsystems.com/


Popular Photography Reader Photos of the Year

There are so many talented photographers out there who work constantly at the craft while toiling away at jobs that “pay the bills”. These photographers rarely get the joy, satisfaction and validation that published photographers frequently get when they’re published in a national publication. Last month, vernable Pop Photo (formerly Popular Photography for you more experienced shooters) gave many of their readers such a pleasure when they issued the winners of it’s 2016 Annual Readers Contest. There’s some very meritorious work in the collection and some work that says to the unpublished photographer, “ like, hey I can do that!”

Take A Look

Sureal Rollercoaster-like Images

What do you get when you combine a drone, 3D rendering and Photoshop to creatively process photos of the American southwest? You transform the area into a rollercoaster. The article describing this quirky set of photos starts out;

“Pity the poor rancher who finds himself trapped in an Aydın Büyüktaş photo. There he is in his pickup, cruising along a flat Texas road with nothing but cows and cacti for miles around. The perspective shifts, he feels a tickle in his stomach, and suddenly he’s plunging down the first big drop on a rollercoaster.”

See The Photos, Read The Article

DSLR or Mirrorless – Help For Your Decision

Mmmm. You’ve got your Holiday bills paid off, the spring blooms are happening and, you might be yearning for a new camera. No shame there. We love to make photos and we love the equipment that makes it happen. If you’ve been hearing bits and pieces about mirrorless cameras but need to know more about them before you make the DSLR or mirrorless choice, this is the article for you. It reduces the controversy to categories and makes a call on each one.

Read About DSLR vs. Mirrorless

7 Epic European Landscape Photography Spots

If you haven’t traveled to Europe to photograph any of it’s plethora of dazzling landscapes this short collection of suggestions may push you over the edge. Many of the locations you’ve dreamed of and a few you may not have considered. Travel isn’t the real inhibitor these days as fares from the East Coast to London and Paris in October 2016 can be found under $600. From the West Coast they can be found for under $750.

Check Out The Article And Consider It!

Not Photoshopped

These days Photoshop experts are so proficient we can’t tell how much an image has been manipulated and passed off as a one-shot creation. Manipulation of an image is considered a capital crime in photojournalism, as in being a firing offense. Nevertheless, we love those images with juxtapositions and weird alignments that make them seem the result of a Photoshop master post processor. Here’s a nice collection of those images.

See The Photos

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