HDR News You Can Use – October 2018

The best photography time of the year is upon us and we hope you’re grabbing some of the best photos you’ve ever taken. In this issue we highlight landscape shooting technique and we point you to a great, landscape-filled download. If you missed Photokina and Photo Plus we share a nice overview of the new equipment recently introduced. We also challenge you with an opposing article that will have you questioning your need for a new camera at all. Have you experienced card failure? We point you to the lessons learned from a really bad failure. We end with a valuable resource that may make one of the least used items in your bag your go-to tool.


Best Cameras And Gear From Photo Plus 2018

OK gear heads, let’s take a look at photo manufacturer’s new offerings displayed at Photo Plus show in New York City this month. There’s a lot to digest. Canon revealed it’s pro-level mirrorless camera, Fuji displayed a 100mp version of it’s killer medium format camera the GFX 50R named the GFX 100, Zeiss showed its first digital camera and a whole lot more. This article will get you up to speed on what’s new. New toys may not improve your photography but they are fun to dream about.

Check out the new gear HERE.


7 Most Important Lessons Learned By A Landscape Photographer

Andy Mumford is an accomplished landscape photographer and photo workshop leader based in Portugal. He’s been at the craft for a long time and you can see in this video that his sage advice isn’t all about f-stops and the rule of thirds. It’s about sustaining yourself on the long journey toward making great images: embracing failure, releasing equipment envy and simply asking yourself the question “why”.

You can wrap your mind around this experienced pro’s views HERE.


Excellent Landscape Photography Free Download

There’s really nothing like a nicely curated set of landscape images if you’re looking for motivation. This month Landscape Photography magazine is offering a free issue and with that, a well crafted pdf download of images sponsored by Fujifilm (We’re seeing the Fuji name a lot lately). The informative aspect of this particular collection is the technical information displayed with each image including camera type, lens, ISO, aperture and shutter speed. It’s certainly worth downloading.

Grab the download HERE.


Sooner Or Later It’s You – Lessons From Memory Card Failure

Most likely you’ve never lost a photo to a dead memory card. You’ve seen your cards malfunction but recovery software probably retrieved your photos for you. But, what happens when you have a failure so severe that recovery software won’t even see your card in the reader? Then, you’re looking at using a data recovery company and an outlay of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Read this cautionary tale of a professional photographer who experienced the worst and pay attention to his recommendations.

Learn by other’s experience HERE.


Why You May Not Need A New Camera

Honestly now, can you tell which photos are shot on a 10mp camera, which was shot on a 32mp camera and which was shot on film. Our experience says you may make a correct guess but you won’t be sure. As the new products revealed at Photo Plus prove, there’s lot’s of cool stuff to try out there. But, do you really, really need the latest camera or lens to create meaningful photographs? Perhaps you do and perhaps you don’t. Give this thought provoking article a read and see if your perceptions are changed, or not.

Question yourself HERE.


Ethereal Photos from the Shores of the Dead Sea

When you come across a collection of photos with a look you’ve never seen before your mind may ask how did he/she do that? It’s a question we pose every time we see a Dan Winters photograph. In this article Israeli-based photographer Alexander Bronfer’s beach photographs made on the Dead Sea’s Ein Bokek beach evoke your curiosity. Is it the subject matter in the photos or the technique or a little of both that delivers the “ethereal” look? See ifyou can figure it out.


Experience a different use of color HERE.


Do Pros Use Common Speedlights For Real Work?

They sure do and most often you won’t be able to tell that the pro didn’t use a standard power pack and light heads. That little speedlight you carry in your bag and use to blast the face of your subject into white ghost territory has tons of capability you may not be tapping into. The key is getting the speedlight off your camera. How do you do that? You find out by visiting the most informative website on shooting with speedlights: The Strobist. Visit the site and click on through to his free Lighting 101 course. You can thank us later.

Learn to use your speedlight HERE.