BareUCTLogo-90June 16, 2015  –  HDR News is back with news about the winner of the 2015 HDR Contest and some great photo features from around the web.


Victor Moss-Winner-300-copy Victor-Moss-2-300 

 Victor-Moss-3-300       Victor-Moss-4

Contest Entries by Vic Moss

Judging was difficult in this years HDR Contest with winner Vic Moss edging out Honorable Mention winners Doug Deleaver and William Flynn.  Check our blog to see the winning images and learn a little about the contest judges:  http://unifiedcolor.com/content/hdr-contest-winners-0


2015 HDR Contest winner Vic Moss is an architectural photographer based in Denver, CO who creates beautiful and compositionally pleasing photographs that are near perfect in technical execution. We caught up with him in the middle of a working trip and he gave us an insight into his art and business.  You can read the interview with Vic on our blog at:  http://unifiedcolor.com/content/interview-vic-moss-2015-hdr-contest-winner


In honor of all you fathers and someday-to-be fathers we’re taking $20 off the purchase of HDR Expose 3, HDR Express 3, 32 Float v3 and the Combo Suite.  Just use this code at checkout to get your savings.  Hurry because the special ends on Tuesday June 30.

Code:   FATHERSDAY2015


BETTY-WILEY-portland-head-lighthouse-768Our 2013 HDR Contest winner and 2015 HDR Contest judge Betty Wiley is an established professional photographer based in Yarmouth Port, MA on beautiful Cape Code.  Betty creates serene, thought provoking landscape images that evoke memories of vacations past.  Her work is regularly featured in magazines like Cape Cod magazine.  We were fortunate to have Betty host an extremely informative webinar that demonstrates the way she approaches a scene and how she deals with the resulting image in post processing.  This two-part webinar is posted to our website and ready to watch whenever you’re ready.  Check out the webinar here:

Part 1:  http://unifiedcolor.com/video-tutorials/hdr-expose-3-0/14

Part 2:  http://unifiedcolor.com/video-tutorials/hdr-expose-3-0/15


Nat-Geo-Contest2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest – Yes, we know we’ve been talking a bunch about our HDR contest but if you shoot travel photographs and you don’t want to be wedged into using HDR techniques (though we think you should) this may be the contest for you.  Check out this site if for no other reason than to see examples of this year’s contest entries.  If you want to enter you need to get going because the deadline is Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 12 pm EDT.  http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/photo-contest-2015/

Running With Smugglers – Photojournalism is not about HDR techniques and frequently not about pretty pictures at all.  It’s about telling a story and telling a story about clandestine pursuits is harrowing, dangerous and will keep you alive and in the moment.  Aram Karim takes us inside the smuggler’s world in Kurdistan, a tribal area that spans Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria in this fine set of photographs in the N.Y. Time’s Lens section.  It’s a life few westerners can imagine.  http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/06/12/following-smugglers-in-kurdistan/?module=BlogPost-Title&version=Blog%20Main&contentCollection=Multimedia&action=Click&pgtype=Blogs&region=Body#

Planes-DieWhere Airplanes Go To Die – If you fly for your photography you have to wonder what happens to a plane after its reaches the age where it can’t be made safe to fly.  Where are all those huge, tired machines of flight?  Right here in the Mojave Desert:  http://chrisguillebeau.com/where-airplanes-go-to-die-new-photos-show-an-airline-graveyard-in-the-mohave-desert/

BareUCTLogo-90 May 19, 2015 – Welcome back to HDR News!  We’ve got interesting news about the winner of last year’s Unified Color HDR Contest and some really interesting photography from around the web.  Let’s get started.

I'm an Interior and real estate photographer based in the Miami-Hollywood area also specialized in headshots, portrait and art events.


We were gratified to recieve notice from last year’s HDR Contest winner Nuurs Ortiz that since winning the contest he as turned pro and is making his living in photography.  Nuurs’ winner image has adorned the Unified Color homepage since the contest.  The image is so strong we hesitate to switch it out for another image.

In his new professional career Nuurs is specializing in interior architectural photography and he’s making great use of HDR Expose 3 to tame the huge brightness difference between the outdoor and indoor light he encounters in many situations.  We interviewed Nuurs to get the details of current work and the story behind his winning image.  We’ll be featuring that conversation on our blog at http://www.unifiedcolor.com/blog

william.flynn45@gmail.com-3 copy


We’re now in the final stretch of the 2015 HDR Contest.  We’ve been receiving some wonderful entries which, we’ve been sharing with you on our blog (http://unifiedcolor.com/blog) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/UnifiedColorTechnologies).  Check them out!

But, it’s time for YOU to enter the contest.  All you have to do is resize your favorite HDR photo to a 72dpi jpeg no wider than 1,800 pixels wide and email it in.  Do It!  It’s Free!  You can check out the contest details here http://unifiedcolor.com/photo-contest-2015


If you’re already into HDR you know that your camera’s controls can be limited when you try to create bracketed exposures.  With a tool like the Promote Control you’ll be able to shoot automatic brackets of up to 45 images which is way beyond the capabilities of even top-of-the-line DSLRs.  

The Promote Control shoots automatic brackets of up to 45 images with up to a 9.0 EV step between shots.  It can even automatically step into Bulb for night HDR.  You can also set the Promote Control for exposures from 1/8000 sec up to hours, employ mirror lock-up and adjust delays between shots.

Right now you can get the Promote Control and a copy of HDR Expose 3 and save $100.  Details of the bundle:  http://unifiedcolor.com/products/ultimate-hdr-package


The Pulitzer Prize winning publication The Guardian, based in the U.K., runs a yearly landscape photography contest and crowns the winner the Take A View Landscape photographer of the year.  We thought we’d look a little deeper into the work of 2014 winner Mark Littlejohn and thought you should see it too.  Littlejohn prefers to go out extremely early in the morning and work with dense U.K. mist that hugs low to the ground and provides an ethereal look to his images.  Visit his website.  It’s worth the time:  http://markljphotography.co.uk/


BryceSummer’s Here And The Time Is Right for…..   You know the song but do you know our National Parks?  To prepare us for summer the Conde Nast Traveler put together a look at America’s Best National Park Road Trips.  If you’re looking for some photographic inspiration read the article and then get in your car, go and make an image that you can enter in the 2015 HDR Contest!  http://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2015-04-03/america-best-national-park-road-trips-yellowstone-shenandoah-redwood


Behind The Lens – Pete Souza is a quiet, non-assuming man who happens to have virtually complete access to the daily life of U.S. President Barack Obama.  He’s the current chief White House staff photographer.  Last week Obama visited South Dakota making him one of just three presidents to visit all 50 states.  To mark the occasion Souza, with the help of photo editor Phaedra Singelis, created a collection of one presidential photo from each of the fifty states save South Dakota which was to happen after the project.  https://medium.com/vantage/behind-the-lens-photographing-the-president-in-50-states-8202eca6408

Paris-Cry copyPowerful Photos – Buzzfeed recently put together a compilation they called “40 Of The Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken”.  It includes a number of well known photos and many that will be new to you.  Indeed powerful.  http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/most-powerful-photographs-ever-taken#.to5VXvpxz

BareUCTLogo-90April 22, 2015 – Welcome back to HDR News. We’re solidly into spring and all that it brings the photographer in terms of changing weather, brilliant flowers and longer days.  What better time to get going with HDR.  For a great primer on HDR shooting download our free guide Five Steps To Great HDR Photography https://unifiedcolor.leadpages.net/five-steps-to-great-hdr-hdr-news/


Did you know that when you adjust the brightness or contrast of an image in most image editing apps, its color will shift?  That’s right.  Go into virtually any image editing program and make a brightness or contrast change and pay close attention to the image’s colors.  You’ll notice those colors change before your eyes.  That’s because those programs are based on the traditional RGB color model.  The Red, Green and Blue in those programs are linked together so that when you change one color, the others will be affected as well.

The Beyond RGB color model used in our applications is completely different because color is separted from brightness.  So when you make a brightness or contrast change your colors are unaffected.  The unique advantage to separated brightness and color channels is you can shift a color in our applications, at will, without affecting other colors or the image’s brightness or contrast: very powerful.

Watch this four minute video where our VP of Marketing, John Omvik takes you through our special color editing tools: http://unifiedcolor.com/video-tutorials/hdr-expose-3-0/9



Doug-Deleaver-300The 2015 HDR Contest is under way and we’re receiving some very interesting entries.  Natural HDR is finally here, judging by these early entries.  Almost completely absent are images with harshly posterized colors and head scratching composition.  Instead we’re seeing HDR images that tame high contrast yet deliver a completely natural and believable look.  We’ll be posting sample entries on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UnifiedColorTechnologies and blog http://unifiedcolor.com/blog throughout the rest April and all of May.  You can submit your entry for free until May 31. The contest details are here http://unifiedcolor.com/photo-contest-2015


ManhattanLook Down! – A nine photographer team called AirPano began making aerial photographs of the world’s most famous locations.  The results are eye-popping and serve up a fresh look at well known scenes like the Taj Majal, the Victoria Falls, Manhattan, the Pyramids and many more.  This is a must-see:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3004453/Do-look-world-s-STUNNING-panoramic-landscapes-never-seen-before.html

16 Must Take West Coast Hikes – How often do we lace up our hiking boots and hit the trails with hope of finding the unique view that will put it’s imprint on a great image.  Well, a hike into the wilderness will energize your quest and this article does a nice job of revealing hikes that will up your chances of making a memorable image.  http://www.buzzfeed.com/nicolenguyen/west-coast-best-coast-hikes?lang=en&utm_campaign=10today&flab_cell_id=3&flab_experiment_id=130&uid=97274556&utm_content=article&utm_source=email&part=s1&utm_medium=10today.0413&position=5&china_variant=False#.yy4VJDRbd

AfganGirlFilm and a Yearbook
– We take momentos like school yearbooks for granted.  For most of these Afgan school children it was the first time they had ever been photographed.  “The school was funded in 2006 by the Penny Campaign, an initiative of the nonprofit Roots of Peace…at the time, the school was an ovewrcrowded makeshift structure which used a sheet to shade the children from the harsh sun”.  Check out this National Geographic story about photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya’s venture into this war-torn destination where he captured children being children using the permanence of film. http://goo.gl/dompTN


Our trial software is a fully functional application that you can use for 30 days with no obligation whatsoever.  Give one a try!

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BareUCTLogo-90April 4, 2015 – Welcome Again to HDR News. It’s HDR Contest time again. As always this contest is targeted at photographers just like you. It’s free to enter and it’s a great way to have your work seen and evaluated.  Getting involved in the 2015 HDR Contest will certainly push you to up your skills.  You can learn more on the contest page http://unifiedcolor.com/photo-contest-2015


SalgadoThe Salt Of The Earth is the title of a new documentary on the work of revered social photographer Sebastiao Salgado. The title also describes the man himself who has spent his life bringing the soul of the world’s outcasts to the forefront.  The documentary is by Wim Wenders and is co-directed by Salgado’s son Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, a team that is sufficiently close enough to the great photographer to provide insights unachievable by others.  You can watch the trailer for the film at http://www.firstshowing.net/2015/watch-trailer-for-sebastiao-salgados-the-salt-of-the-earth-doc/


Controlling your camera that is.  A wonderful addition to the 2015 HDR Contest’s grand prize is the Promote Control.  The Promote Control takes HDR photography to an elevated plane by giving your camera added capabilities.  It’s “HDR reinvented”.   The compact device sets your camera to shoot up to 45 automatic brackets with up to 9.0 EV step between shots.  It can even automatically step into Bulb for night HDR shooting.  Check it out at http://www.promote-control.com/





We love the timeless feel of good black and white photography, especially from the golden era of photojournalism of the 1930s to mid 1960s.  You can often wonder what it would really be like to have walked the planet then (as some of you may have).  Those were the stiff upper lip times of depression, world war and the epic disruption of whole populations.  Add color to some of those vintage images and you’ll get one level closer to the feel of the era.  This collection of colorized images will take you there.  Spend a little time on each image and ponder.  You’ll be transported.  http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1PXleS/ovJD-d9g:Qz8Gcw$_/www.lifebuzz.com/colorized-photos/


What Are The Chances – Idaho resident John Cassinelli lost his camera on Wyoming’s Salt River.  Two years later it was found.  Listen to this NPR piece to see if anything was retrievable   http://www.npr.org/2015/03/17/393646844/lost-camera-survives-two-years-submerged-in-wyomings-salt-river

MLKHistory From A Different Angle – There are iconic images of important moments in history that are forever seared into our memories.  We often forget to realize that more than one image made at those famous events.  Get a different look at history here: http://goo.gl/TLy7Jr

Was That Taken With A Mobile Phone Camera? – Yes it was.  Apple is currently running an ad campaign that features really good photographs taken with the iPhone 6.  They’re worth a look.  But, keep in mind;  it’s the photographer not the camera that makes the magic.  https://www.apple.com/iphone/world-gallery/

Need Some Help Perfecting Your HDR Chops?  – Download our guide to better HDR photography “Five Steps To Great HDR Photography”.  It’s packed with useful info and it’s free!  https://unifiedcolor.leadpages.net/five-step-uct-homepage-download/

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BareUCTLogo-90March 15, 2015
Welcome again to HDR News!  We hope the incredibly bad weather across the globe is providing you with visual delights to capture and embellish in your images.  Remember, Ansel Adams made his best compositions while a rainstorm or snowstorm was clearing!


Three Boxes
We will be formally announcing our highly anticipated 2015 HDR Contest in the April 1 HDR News. Right now, to help you get your creative HDR juices going, we are taking $20 off the purchase of any Unified Color HDR product. Just go to http://unifiedcolor.com/products and click Buy Now. You’ll be taken to the Shopping Cart where you can use the following code. The code expires on April 1, 2015.     HDRNEWS20

Cheong-300Impressive is an understatement when describing the work of French/Chinese photographer Daniel Cheong.  While Cheong does use HDR software occasionally, he is an expert at combining multiple brackets of an image using Photoshop blending techniques.  Here at UCT we’re proponents of natural HDR as is Cheong who says he is trying “…obtain the maximum dynamic range, while trying to keep a very natural look and avoiding the common mistake of many ‘overcooked’ HDR images.”
A visit to Cheong’s site is well worth the time invested:  http://www.danielcheongphotography.com/

Palm Springs FestivalNeed to recharge your photographic spirit?  Wondering how your portfolio will stand up to a professional critique?  Want to hang with some of the best photographers working today?  You should consider making the trip to Palm Springs in late April to experience the Palm Springs Photo Festival.  There are multi-day workshops with photo greats David Muench, Dan Winters, Mark Seliger and Mary Ellen Mark and more.  You’ll find seminars on topics ranging from Photoshop to color calibration and asset management.  And, most of all, you’ll find inspiration.  Check out the festival’s website at http://2015.palmspringsphotofestival.com/

 Lens Culture Lens Culture  – Lens Culture is one of the most artistically fresh resources of contemporary photography.  The publication respects and features all genres of photography ranging from photojournalism to fine art to portraiture.  Their yearly Exposure Competition and Awards are chosen by an international jury.  A win in this competition can propel any photographer to the next level.  Take a look at the 2014 winners:   https://www.lensculture.com/2014-lensculture-exposure-award-winners
 Ride A Fish-300r
25 Fantastic Photos – Want to have some fun?  Want to see a glimpse of some Photoshop implementations you which you’d thought of?  Look here:   http://goo.gl/WT8Kn6
Salt Flats Sky
Bonneville Salt Flats At Night – We just like this photo.  Click on the link and you won’t be disappointed (as in surprise).   http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1WyN6Z/1-I9OJfi3:SKVvvU–/www.utah3d.net/utah-travel/bonneville-salt-flats/salt-flats-night.html

Try the latest versions of HDR Express, HDR Expose and 32 Float by downloading a free, 30- trail version.  You’ll be happy you did!

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February 22, 2015

Welcome again to HDR News!


It’s the dead of winter and a most amazing time for photography.  Glorious light reveals itself in all forms from clear air, high-contrast direct sunlight to the subtly muted soft light of a snow storm.  This is the time to be shooting your entry for this year’s event.  We’ll be officially announcing the contest late next month.  Leading up to the announcement we’re displaying many of the finalists in the 2014 contest on our blog and on our Facebook page.  Check out both outlets for new images and commentary which we change often.  Here are some recently posted examples.

Marc Lombardi-275              Dr Sandaire DCS-250     Luke Shearer-4-250


Single Image HDRMany of our software users believe that you always have to merge multiple images of the same scene with different exposures in order to use HDR software.  You may be surprised to learn that HDR software is extremely useful on single images as well.  The benefits of great HDR processing are especially valuable for images where the important area of the image has gone dark due to your camera averaging bright light and dark shadows across the scene.   Our V.P.  of Marketing, John Omvik produced a great video showing you how to use HDR Express 3 on a single image.  Definitely check it out on our website because the information in the video applies to HDR Expose 3 and 32 Float v3 as well and the info could turn a throw-away image into a real “keeper”.


Right Time33 Images Taken At The Right Moment –   One of the huge benefits of digital photography is you don’t inhibit your shooting because there is a meter in the back of your mind counting film and processing costs.  Now we just shoot away and the results often surprise us.  Here’s a collection of amazing images clicked at exactly the right moment.  http://www.boredpanda.com/perfectly-timed-photos-3/

Smartphone To Museum - 275

Smartphone To Museum – How many times have you been in a conversation about photography and the conversation goes to smartphone cameras?  We always hear that “smartphone cameras are amazing now” and, they are.  So much so that  hundreds of people are exhibiting their Instagram images at “Mobile Photo Now,” which is on display through March 22 at the Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio.  Check out these images and you’ll never view smartphone photography the same way again.  http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/02/10/from-smartphones-to-museum-walls/?WT.mc_ev=click&WT.mc_id=NYT-E-I-NYT-E-AT-0212-L13&nl=el&nlid=28688559&_r=1#

Maisel-275Jay Maisel – If you’re into photography you’ve heard of Jay Maisel.  Some of his commercial accomplishments include five Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers, the first two covers of New York Magazine, the cover of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue (the best-selling jazz album of all time) and way, way more.  In fact he is one of the most prolific photographers in the world.  An article running on the Imaging-Resource website contains a fantastic yet short documentary video about Maisel that you need to see.  The article contains a quote that we really take to heart, “Any picture that I’ve done, that’s really worth anything, I’ve been terrified the entire time I was shooting it. If you’re not scared that you’re going to lose it, it ain’t that great [of a] picture.”      http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2015/02/11/an-inspiring-look-into-the-life-and-work-of-jay-maisel

Feeling Like You Need A Bit Of A Jolt? – If you want to get your photo juices going why don’t you try the latest versions of HDR Express, HDR Expose and 32 Float by downloading a free, 30- trail version.  You’ll be happy you did!

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Don’t forget to download our free guide “Five Steps To Great HDR Photography”  https://unifiedcolor.leadpages.net/five-steps-to-great-hdr-photography/

February 2015

Welcome to our newly revised newsletter “HDR News You Can Use”.  We know your InBox is jammed with deals and discounts and frankly, we’re as tired of them as you are.  So, we’ll share photo information that you can actually use and hopefully will inspire you to even better photography. For information about our products HDR Expose 3, HDR Express 3 and 32 Float v3 please visit our main website at http://www.unifiedcolor.com


5 Steps First Page-400

So often we’re asked by photographers new to HDR to help them quickly understand how to shoot the bracketed exposures required for merging into a single HDR file.  Problem solved!  We’ve created “Five Steps To Great HDR Photography“, a free guide that gives you a simple process to ensure that you shoot the right exposures to cover all the brightness levels in your HDR scene.  You can download the free guide here  https://wp.pinnacleimagingsystems.com/five-steps-to-great-hdr-wp


Max Rive

We’re constantly on the hunt for great but a bit out of the mainstream photographers whose work can inspire us. Max Rive is a Dutch mountaineer photographer whose images are bold yet thoughtful.  He is known for his unique style of injecting human elements into his landscapes.

Max’s images demonstrate a wonderful compositional balance while capturing a wide range of exposure levels.  His processing doesn’t force the issue of wide dynamic range by resorting to garish, on-the-edge colors.  You can catch a nice collection of his work at https://prime.500px.com/maxrivefotograaf


Jet Moon

Shoot The Moon – News photographer Raul Roa is a veteran photojournalist based north of Los Angeles in Whittier.  He covers everything from sports to politics to hard news.  He has the distinction of living directly under the flight path of landing flights at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  One evening on his way home from an assignment he caught a beautiful full moon.  He noticed how perfectly silhouetted landing planes were as they past the moon.  Mr. Roa said “… Two or three planes went by and i snapped a couple of shots.  And there it was.  I had it.”  It was a photo of the sharp outline of a plane framed within the moon.  Check out this article on the New York Times’ Lens blog for the full story:  http://goo.gl/Ezhdrg

Strange Lenses

Other Worldly Results – Sometimes you want to grab the individual exposure levels of six or seven images and not engage with HDR software (hey, it’s OK).  We came across a high-level implementation of Photoshop blending modes on the blog Through Strange Lenses by Jimmy McIntyre that yields really interesting results.  In this blog post titled A Lonely Lighthouse (http://www.throughstrangelenses.com/2014/11/24/lonely-lighthouse/), McIntyre takes you through Rapid Blending and Luminosity Masks to achieve an other-worldly result.

HDR Video Is Ascending – Even a nominal amount attention paid to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) revealed that HDR televisions were attention getting products.  But, to make full use of HDR televisions you need to start with HDR video content.  The BBC recently conducted a test of video HDR using an Arri Amira cinematography camera.  This article is an interview with Stephan Ukas-Bradley, director of strategic business development at Arri where he explains the significance of this test and the role of HDR video:  http://goo.gl/QFhmMj

2015 HDR Contest – This year’s HDR Contest is coming this spring.  Over the coming weeks visit our Facebook page to see examples from last year’s finalists to get yourself pumped up for a submission into this year’s contest.  https://www.facebook.com/UnifiedColorTechnologies

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