HDR News You Can Use – August 26, 2015

Pinnacle-Icon-Only-4C-100x107 August 26, 2015  –  HDR News is back.  We’re been busy working on some software updates and getting out there ourselves to shoot in this beautiful summer weather.  It’s travel time and we hope your summer shooting is inspiring!  As always you can read HDR News on the web with photos at https://wp.pinnacleimagingsystems.com.


Expose Color Adjustment Screen ShotDid you know the color adjustment tools in HDR Expose 3 and 32 Float v3 use Unified Color’s Beyond RGB Color technology?  Beyond RBG allows you to adjust color in your images without changing the color’s brightness or changing other colors in the image?  Other imaging applications are based on the RGB color model.  In those apps when you change one color you can’t help but affect related colors.  Beyond RGB separates the brightness and color channels so when you make color changes in one color other colors are virtually unaffected.

This is a really important feature when editing the great photos of fall foliage that you’ll be making in a few weeks.  Want to hone in and perfect the red in your image?  Go ahead.  You’ll get an improved red and you won’t affect that beautiful blue sky.  Want to learn more?  Check out the great tutorial on HDR Expose’s and 32 Float’s color capabilities by V.P. of Marketing John Omvik here:  http://unifiedcolor.com/video-tutorials/hdr-expose-3-0/9


The exciting blast of color in the landscape’s fall foliage is just around the corner.  If photographers are fortunate enough to find the right landscape they can use subtle tips that will turn their snapshots into cherished photographs.  We’ve selected the following articles to help you choose great locations for your fall photos and give you techniques for turning the scenes in front of you into images you’ll want to hang on your wall.

Creek and LeavesThe Photo Argus:  A Detailed Guide To Photographing Fall Foliage – Being the artist that you are we know you want to take your fall foliage photographs beyond typical travelog images and go for a more artistic expression of your scene.  This article gives you fine suggestions for upping your composition choices like shooting during the “blue hour” and even late into the evening.  The photos accompanying the article get you thinking beyond the ordinary and alone are worth checking out the piece:  http://www.thephotoargus.com/a-detailed-guide-to-photographing-fall-foliage/ 

Nikon:  Ten Tips For Shooting Fall Foliage – Location, light, exposure, photographer Rod Planck covers it all in respect to shooting fall foliage in this concise article on Nikon USAs website:  http://www.nikonusa.com/en/Learn-And-Explore/Article/h7dfres5/10-tips-for-shooting-autumn-foliage.html

The Travel Channel: Travel’s Best Fall Foliage Road Trips – This article is from 2013 and it’s one of the best we’ve found for laying out incredible drives to take in the autumn colors.  Of course, 2013 is only two autumns ago so we’re darn sure the locations cited will still be there.  The article covers trips ranging from New Hampshire’s Route 11 to Virginia’s Skyline Drive to Wisconsin and on to South Dakota.  Best of all the article includes maps for each trip.  You need to check this one out:  http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/travels-best/photos/fall-foliage-road-trips-2013

Great WallWeather.com:  50 Stunning Places Around the World To See Fall Colors – You wouldn’t think of The Great Wall Of China as a fall foliage destination but it is!  Check out this article from 2014 if for no other reason than the photographs from around the world that display fall in a stunning way.  If you’re an international kind of photographer you’ll find the information is invaluable.  Locations cited include Iceland, Wales, The Netherlands, India’s Kashmir Valley, Japan and even Finland:  http://www.weather.com/holiday/thanksgiving/news/places-see-fall-color-photos-20140922

Opal Magazine:  Five Fresh Ways To See Fall Foliage – For you east coasters, if you’re looking for an alternate foliage experience than driving along country roads in the family car then this article is for you.  The piece reveals ballon rides, windjammer cruises and a foliage train ride: http://magazine.opalcollection.com/fall-foliage/