HDR News You Can Use – August 2020

Welcome again to HDR News. It’s been a challenging summer because of all the health and social issues we’ve had to process. Your photography can really come to the rescue when you need to get into a positive mind set. We have some great articles that will help you get deeper into your images. We have a solid guide to making that great Milky Way photo you’ve always wanted to shoot. We have images from the high altitude city of Kathmandu. There’s an info dense piece where six pros give you their lighting basics. And, there’s a look at some neat cameras you may have not have known about. Let’s get going!


Five Tips To Get “Stellar” Images Of The Night Sky

Making a wonderful photo of the Milky Way is something most budding landscape photographers strive to do. In reality, shooting the night sky is not as easy as grabbing a tripod, pointing your camera towards the sky and making a time exposure. There are nuances you must master not the least of which is avoiding the inevitable light streaks caused by the earth’s rotation. This article will help you solve the streak issue and a lot more.






Shoot the stars HERE.


7 Overlooked Digital Cameras Worth Your Time

Many photographers savor discovering the differences between different models of digital cameras. There are many, many cameras that hit the market that never thrived but possessed features and image quality that were surprising. They arrived with names like the Leica TL2 or Samsung NX1 or Olympus Pen F. If you don’t have the opportunity to get some hands-on time with these cameras this article does a nice job describing them for you.


Learn about these neat cameras HERE.


From The Streets Of Kathmandu

Kathmandu? You’ve likely heard of this mysterious city that lies in central Nepal. The name Nepal itself conjures visions of Himalayan mountain peaks and religious monks. It’s a country that is sandwiched between India to the south and Tibet to the north. To westerners it’s exotic. To the intrepid photographer it’s all about golden light and interesting people. Bangladeshi fine art photographer Ashraful Arefin produced this cinematic collection of street images that will catch your imagination.







Experience the light and people of Kathmandu HERE.


Do You Really Know The Rule Of Thirds?

The Rule of Thirds has given many a photographer a great starting point in developing composition skills. But, too many photographers take the short route and don’t use the rule beyond placing interesting scene elements right on the intersection points of the one-third lines. There’s more to the rule and knowing it in depth could really help your compositions.





Dive into the Rule of Thirds HERE.


Perfect Your Lighting Skills With These Portrait Basics

Many pro photographers will tell you that photography is really not about the camera or the lens. It’s about light and how you manage light to create an image that tells the story you want to tell. Most of us start our photographic journeys shooting landscapes and depend on the light that nature is giving us at the time. Eventually though, your skills will improve and you’ll be asked to create portraits and headshots. At that point you will be compelled to become more knowledgeable about managing light. That’s where this article comes in. It is packed with the secrets of six working pros and it’s very easy to understand.

Learn about good lighting HERE.