HDR News You Can Use – September 2020

Welcome back to HDR News. There’s nothing like diving deep into your photography to get your mind off the craziness that surrounds us these days. We start off with photo tips every photographer should know but may have not thought about (it’s not a Rule Of Thirds article). If you’re considering a camera brand change you’ll need to know which lenses are offered by the big manufacturers. We’ve got the article for you. We also look at creating depth in your landscapes, early entries in the Sony Awards and suggestions for a post-Covid road trip. Let’s get going!


Five Tips EVERY Beginning Photographer Should Know

If you’re going to be great in any skill area you have to have a humble streak. Admitting to yourself that you don’t know everything about your area of expertise allows you to gather in more new information that will certainly up your game. This video takes you back to the basics in a clear, visual way and is worth the time spent viewing. And, while we’re calling this basic, the topics in the video are a step beyond basic like, frame-within-a-frame, color theory and negative space. You’ll also love the creative framing used in the sample photos. Watch it!

Get the tips HERE.


Eight Great Mirrorless Cameras Hit The Street – Street Photography

The intro to this article says it best. Street photography is not about close portraits using a 35mm lens in an urban setting. Street photography is capturing humanity in all its forms from a family departing a church after a first communion to an aged soul walking their beloved dog through a leafless park. It’s a soulful form of photography. To accomplish your street photography goals you need a camera that is effortless to wield and focuses quickly. Here’s a great rundown on what’s available.

Learn about great street photography cameras HERE.


Seven Tips For Creating Depth In Your Landscape Photos

Mads Peter Iversen is a dedicated landscape photographer. He’s also an articulate communicator. He’s produced a video that cuts right to the chase in creating interest in a landscape photograph; depth. He drives home the value of the wide angle lens which, is not about packing
everything you can into a camera frame. It’s about knowing how to use a wide angle lens to make foreground objects appear large and distant objects appear small, also known as “depth”. The added bonus in this video is the musically accompanied walks Iversen takes through the woods. One view of the video will alleviate more stress than an hour with your therapist.

Find out how depth can help your landscapes HERE.


Canon, Nikon, Sony Mirrorless Lens Comparisons

Which platform should you choose? Often the availability of different lenses on a particular camera platform will help make the choice for us. It would be nice if we could go out and buy or even rent various lenses from the big camera makers to see which one best suits our needs. But, even renting bunches of gear to test can get expensive and cumbersome. That’s why before we plop down thousands of dollars on a new camera platform we rely on the publications that have great relationships with the big camera companies to do the testing for us. This dpReview article sums up the offerings of the big three manufacturers and is a good source for getting started on the daunting task of choosing which brand is best for you.

See the lens comparisons between the three systems HERE.


Impressive Early Entries In The Sony World Photography Awards

If you’re in need of some photographic inspiration a great place to start is checking out this article in the U.K.’s Daily Mail that reveals early entries in the annual Sony Awards. The Sony Awards has been drawing some of the world’s best photography for 14 years now with the quality of entries seeming to eclipse previous entries each year. Judging from this collection of images this year is no different.

See the early entries HERE.


The One Essential Filter For Landscape Photography

If you’re out there shooting landscapes on a regular basis you’ve probably figured out that there’s one filter that you reach into your bag for on a regular basis. It’s the filter that will remove the glare on the surface of the pool of water below a waterfall. It’s the filter that will deepen the color of the sky to provide contrast with mountains below. It’s the filter that takes the sheen off of wet surfaces to make colors pop. You know what it is!</p>

See which filter we’re talking about HERE.


France’s Most Stunning Road Trips

Europe has been off-limits for Americans since last March. But, eventually, the European Union will let Americans back onto their continent. The world will return to normal so, why not do the research to plan a fantastic photo trip. We recommend you start your research by checking out these fantastic drives through France. From the Loire Valley, to the French Alps, to the Cote d’Azur and more, France serves up more photographic beauty than most anywhere in the world. Read this article, pick a trip that interests you and start driving; when they let us back in of course.

Learn about road trips HERE.