HDR News You Can Use – July 2020

Here at Pinnacle we love to enjoy great photographs. This month we look at two surprising collections, each at opposite ends of the professional spectrum. We have a collection of impressive images from the iPhone Photo Awards and a collection of other-worldly weather images from a master. We also cover the technical with an interesting entry-level, full frame mirrorless camera as well as a look at the specs of the top ultra-wide zooms. Good stuff. Let’s get going!


Nikon Z5 – What You Need To Know

The new Nikon Z5 mirrorless camera will catch the eye of photographers who want to switch to mirrorless but were dragging their feet due to budget. The Z5 is priced about $450 less than the Z6 and about $1,400 less than the flagship Z7. The sensor in the Z5 is a 24mp CMOS design but it’s not the same as the sensor in the Z6. The Z5 interface has a more consumer layout than its bigger brothers. So, is the Z5 the way to go? A good place to start getting info is this nice dpReview review.

See if the Z5 meets your needs HERE.


Stunning Winners – iPhone 2020 Photo Awards

The 13th annual iPhone Photography Awards received thousands of entries from over 140 countries. The shocker is, the images are fantastic. They range in subject from pure art to street photography and you certainly can’t tell they were shot with an iPhone. More shocking is the fact that they were not necessarily shot with the latest iPhone 11 Pro. Photographer Of The Year was awarded to an artist using an iPhone 6. It goes to show you great photography ain’t about the equipment.

See the winners HERE.


Some Of The Most Dramatic Photographs Of Weather You’ll Ever See – Eric Meola

Eric Meola has innovated with color since graduating from the Syracuse University Newhouse School and his subsequent managing the studio for legend Pete Turner. He has won awards and accolades like Advertising Photographer Of The Year. His “Coca Kid” photograph of a young Hatian  boy was included in Time Magazine Special Edition, 100 Magnificent Images. Meola started chasing storms for their surreal beauty in 1977 while shooting Bruce Springsteen for the cover of his The Promise album. Today those trips to capture raw nature have resulted in a magnificent body of work. Take a look.

See the amazing images HERE.


How Good Photographers Make Good Portraits In Lousy Settings

Must you rely on an interesting setting to make a good portrait? Actually, it’s how you connect with your subject that will determine the quality of your portraits. It doesn’t hurt to have a great lighting sense and the ability to shoot tight or loose. This article gets you into the nitty gritty of three photographers who know how to connect with their subjects and summon their skills to create memorable portraits.

See how these photographers get the job done HERE.


Ultra Wide Angle Zooms That Will Have You Looking At The World Different

“Fill the frame” is what you’ll hear from a good photo composition instructor. That’s not so hard to do with a medium to long zoom lens but try filling your frame with an ultra wide zoom like Canon’s RF 15-35 f2.8. If you succeed you’ll be very close to at least a part of your subject. Nevertheless, ultra-wide zooms are fun to shoot and can give you some very compelling images. This article gives you a close look at eleven of them from the top photo manufacturers.

See how the ultra-wide zooms spec out HERE.


When You SHOULD Overexpose

We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t over expose our highlights to avoid loss of detail. Did you know that over exposing is a fundamental skill of fashion and portrait photographers? This video will give you a solid understanding of how and when to overexpose to eliminate unwanted details, create mood and direct the viewers eye. Check it out.

Learn about good overexposure HERE.