HDR News You Can Use – May 2020

Welcome again to HDR News. We’re taking a wide look at photography this month by covering equipment, imaging technology, famous photographers and even vintage images. First up is a look at Canon’s new, long awaited mirrorless camera. Then we take you to Rijksmuseum museum in the Netherlands where they’ve posted online an amazing super, super high-res image of Rembrandt’s most famous painting. Then, we see the tables turned on one of the world’s most famous photographers. We end with a non-pandemic look at New York City in images from as long as 140 years ago. Let’s go!


Canon EOS R5 – First Look Review

Canon may have just created mirrorless parity amongst the big three camera makers with its announcement of the specs for the new EOS R5. In its “First Look Review” CameraJabber states, “ First impressions of the Canon EOS R5 are impressive. This is a refined version of the EOS R with souped-up specifications and a possible price tag to match” And what will that price be? Right now the Nikon Z7 is priced at $2,800 at B&H Photos. The Sony a7R IV is going for $3,500 (ouch!). We think the initial price will be set in between, somewhere around $3,100. But, you never know because competition is a wonderful thing.

See the video HERE.


Mirrorless Shootout: Canon vs. Nikon vs. Sony

You’ve been dragging your feet. You love new camera gear and you know the camera industry is heading down the mirrorless highway at breakneck speed. And, what better time to make a full jump from one brand to another? But, you know. If you wait just a little bit, the next, more fully realized mirrorless model will be introduced and you won’t feel a bit foolish for having jumped in too soon. Eventually though, you’re going to make the plunge so you might as well have all the information you can gather. To that end here is an entertaining and in-depth of the pluses and minuses of the mirrorless offerings of the big three manufacturers.

See which brand rises to the top, in this article HERE.


Operation Night Watch

One of the most important and famous paintings in the world is by Rembrandt and is titled Night Watch. It has hung in the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands since 1808 and is the country’s most prized work of art. Rembrandt received the commission for the work in 1640 and it was finished in 1642. The painting is in the middle of a major restoration and part of that project resulting in one of the most amazing photographs you will ever see. It’s a “hyper resolution” image of the painted that when zoomed in on will present a single brush stroke as large as your computer screen. This is a must-see.

Follow Operation Night Watch HERE.

See the amazing hyper resolution image HERE.


Turning The Camera On Joe McNally

Joe McNally is one of the most well known and prolific photographers working today. His experience and talents span photojournalism, advertising, fashion, portraiture and more. His photos have graced the covers of magazines large and small most notably LIFE, Sports Illustrated and National Geographic. His list of clients is too long to list here. So, when Nikon turned the tables on McNally and secured L.A. portrait and wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis to make a portrait of McNally it grabbed our attention. The assignment was
for both photographers shoot each other using only Nikon’s Z 85mm f1.8 S lens. Ghionis’ described the feeling of shooting a legend as “..that’s like being asked to cook for Gordon Ramsey!

Read about the shoot in dpReview HERE.

Check out Joe McNally’s website HERE.

And, take a look at Jerry Ghionis’s website HERE.


Keep Your Photos From Getting Stolen On The Internet

If you shoota lot and post your images on the Internet you’ve probably had some images stolen. If your images haven’t been stolen yet they probablywill be in time. Copyrighting your images is the way to protect your creative property? Sort of. Copyrighting involvesapplications with the federal government and if you find your copyrighted work has been stolen, lawyers get involved. The word “lawyer”translates to many thousands of dollars. Check out this short but informative article to learn more about what’s required to protectyour work and pursue a possible thief.

Learn more about what it takes to protect yourself HERE.


New York City Then – 36 Vintage Images

New York City has taken one or two on the chin in recent months. The densely populated region was the perfect environment for spreading the Covid-19 virus. In following the news coverage of recent events you’ve seen the airwaves and the Internet have been full of images of tightly packed skyscrapers and streets devoid of traffic. But, did New York always look like this? This collection of photos, starting in the 1890s, is a reminder of the explosive growth and constantly changing culture that is New York City.

Step into the past HERE.