HDR News You Can Use – September 2021

Welcome again to HDR News. We’ve got two hot new cameras to tell you about: the new flagship mirrorless camera from Canon and a medium format camera from Fujifilm that won’t drain you coffers, too much. It’s now officially fall and that means foliage photos. To help you in your foliage photography we provide a tool that will help you arrive at your foliage destination at the right time to get max color. In addition we have an article that will direct you to great fall shooting locations, many of which are unexpected. We finish off with super-helpful tips that will improve your portrait retouching in a big way. Let’s get going!


It’s Here: Canon EOS R3

Shooting every day is the norm if you’re a news, sports or fashion photographer. When you have a camera in your hands that much you become demanding about performance. You want lightning autofocus, eye-popping image quality and a robust file size that that’s not so big it will slow you down in post processing. Let’s not forget WiFi and USB connectivity so your images can be on their way in a flash. And for sure, great ergonomics is essential. Canon’s new EOS R3 promises to be the camera that does it all. With a street price of $6K it’s a professional’s camera but we can all dream can’t we? Start your dreaming by watching this overview video.


Take a deep dive into the Canon EOS R3 HERE.


Fujifilm GFX 50S II Review

There’s something different, something better in the image quality produced by a medium format sensor. Images coming out of Fujifilm’s GFX 50S II have a pleasingly open yet detailed look that conjures up thoughts of 4 by 5 bellows cameras.The GFX 50S II is Fujifilm’s third iteration of a 50 megapixel camera that’s priced to be considered by non-professional enthusiasts looking for that great medium format look. As dpReview state’s in this article “(The GFX 50S II produces) a level of detail that’s not matched by many other cameras.”



Read the camera review HERE.>

Check out this Travelogue Sample Gallery that is a step above the usual dpReview image collection HERE.


Fall Foliage Prediction Map

As you read this you are about to enter that visually exciting time of year: foliage season. We’ve heard from our contacts in the Adirondack mountains of New York that the colors are in full bloom in many spots. But it’s not to late to get out there and produce some outrageous images because foliage changes at different times in different areas and the change is never uniform across a region. You just have to get out there and start looking. To increase the likelihood of finding peak colors you need to use this Fall foliage prediction map.


Use the map HERE.


Best Small Towns To Experience Fall

Now that you have your Fall Foliage Map you need to decide where to concentrate your search. So many articles on “leaf peeping” (foliage chasing) focus on New England and that leaves you not realizing that great foliage happens across the country. That’s why you need to check out this article that features towns like Macinack Island MI, Bayfield WI, Berlin MD and Fredericksburgh TX.

Discover the towns HERE.


Six Tips To Capture Autumn Colors

We search everywhere to find “tips” articles that help you improve your photography. This how-to is a good one as it doesn’t restate the obvious techniques that most intermediate and advanced photographers should already know. This article suggests manipulating your scene, focusing on details and working on contrasting elements. And, the photos used to demonstrate each point are very nice. It’s a quick read but really useful.

View the tips HERE.


Five Worst Retouching Mistakes

Many HDR News readers are landscape shooters but we know they have an inner desire to make portraits of people. So, we’re on a mini-mission to provide articles that take you gently through the techniques of creating pleasing people photos. This video demonstrates mistakes even the best retouchers have made at one time or another like over-sharpening, over-saturation and bright eyes. What’s nice is the video shows corrective examples of these ills which, could be helpful in your photography.

Learn how to avoid retouching mistakes HERE.