HDR News You Can Use – April 2021

Welcome again to HDR News. It takes a lot to raise our eyebrows here at HDR News but, they are raised this month. We’re talking about the finalists in the Bird Photographer Of The Year competition. If you’re thinking“birds?” right now check out the article and you’ll be amazed. We also looked at the images coming out of a new Lumix camera from Panasonic which caught our attention with unexpected quality. Turning to photo editing issues we realized that Mac users looking to upgrade their computer system are now presented with some serious new choices which we help you navigate. Also in this issue some technical shooting advice and a heart-pumping look at the Via Feratta, or Iron Paths, that course though the mountains of Europe: talk about breathtaking photos. Let’s get going!


Insane Image Quality With Just 32MP – Panasonic Lumix DC-S5

Panasonic has been making great full frame digital cameras under the Lumix brand for years. These cameras tend to garner favorable reviews in the photography press yet, they seem to fly under the radar when it comes to photo community buzz. This new Lumix DC-S5 may just change that. Take a look at the video that that supplements this article where you’ll be impressed by the camera’s color rendition, sharpness and auto-focus.


Learn about the Lumix DC-S5 HERE.


Bird Photographer Of The Year Finalists – Amazing Photography

The U.K. based Bird Photographer Of The Year (BPOTY) competition draws entries from all over the world. The 2021 entries totaled over 22,000 and they are spectacular. The competition’s website says the contest “…is a celebration of avian beauty and diversity, and a tribute to the flexibility and quality of today’s modern digital imaging systems.” The finalists in the 2021 competition have just been revealed and, for pure visual enjoyment and high quality imaging you should check them out.

See the birds are right HERE.


Camera Settings You Need To Change Now For Landscape Photography

You were in positionand set up before dawn laying in wait for when the sun rises above the horizon behind you to bathe the mountain range in front of you in asoft orange light. When the moment approaches you focus with a half press on your tripod mounted camera and, when the moment is perfect, youput a full press on the shutter. All that time, effort and preparation resulted in your dream shot. But, when you go through your take on
your computer back home you can’t understand why your images are softly focused. What happened? You used a tripod. Well you could haveavoided the disappointment by using your camera’s self timer and avoided re-setting your focus when you pressed the shutter. Learn moreabout camera settings that could sink your efforts.

Get the settings HERE.


What’s The Better Choice: A Macro Lens Or Extension Tubes?

As you’ve probably figured out by now, we can tend to be on the frugal side here at HDR News. If we see a way to get great photographic results without spending a fortune on a new piece of equipment we’ll do it. One of the most effective close-up photography solutions is to not buy that expensive macro lens you’ve been coveting and instead go with extension tubes. Extension tubes can allow you to get super close to your subject with just about any lens in your bag. Its’ a great solution that you should read about in this article.


Get help deciding HERE.


If You’re A Mac Person You Have Some Tough Choices For An Upgrade

Is it that time for you? Is it the time when your applications are running so slowly that you think you have a virus in your computer system? Yes, it may be time to pull the curtain on your current systems. If you’re a Mac user, the introduction of Apple’s M1 processor made your upgrade choices even more difficult. The M1 has been in the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini since the fall. They are so speedy that one trade pub stated that the M1 Mac Mini was Apple’s best value in a computer. Last week Apple announced the new M1 iMacs in a 24-inch screen size. The 27-inch iMac was not upgraded. So, what do you do? Go for a MacBook, a Mac Mini, a new (smaller than you want) iMac or wait for the 30-inch M1 iMac to be introduced. So many variables! This article will help you sort things out.

Get help deciding which Mac you need HERE.


Stairways To Heaven: Europe’s Most Adrenal-Pumping Via Ferata

The via ferata are mountain passage routes developed during WWI to facilitate troop movements. Now they serve up unmatched mountain views. We often marvel at landscape images of the Swiss Alps but the Swiss don’t have a monopoly on outrageous mountain vistas. You’ll find staggering mountain scenes in France, Austria, Italy, Germany and even Slovenia. This article lays the scenes out for you but with a twist. They are taken from a via ferata climber’s point of view. Dangling over a deadly expanse with just a few pieces of hardware jammed into the mountains’ rock faces to hold them in place, these daredevil photographers make your jaw drop.


See the amazing views from the via ferata HERE.