HDR News You Can Use – January 2021

Welcome again to HDR News. Winter and early spring present great photography conditions in terms of clear air, long shadows and wildlife that isn’t hidden by foliage. That’s why we’re concentrating on outdoor photography in this issue. We dive into the advantages of traveling light and then reverse the table by looking into the best landscape cameras. There’s a fairly new 100-400mm lens out there that can get you into wildlife shooting if you’re on a budget. And, we end with an in-depth interview with a photographer of an awesome and rare bird photo. Let’s get going.


Leica CL and Panasonic GX8 Travelogue – A Smaller Camera Means A Lot

We often talk of camera specs in HDR News but specs are specs. The end of the photographic journey is getting the picture itself. If you’re traveling to a remote location and expect to be out there for a while, weight turns out to be one of the most important camera specs. The lighter your camera kit the more mobile you’ll be and for a longer time. This article, takes that idea to a five week trek through the back country of Africa with the use of a Leica CL and a Panasonic GX8 with a modest collection of lenses. Traveling light has its advantages.


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Best Cameras For Landscape Photography

You’ve we’ve come to know the most knowledgable, hands-on reviewers out there. We’ve come to respect Nasim Mansurov at Photography Life because he actually uses the equipment he reviews in the field. And, every time we’ve made a purchase based on one of his reviews we’ve been throughly pleased. We know many, if not most HDR News readers are landscape photographers which makes this particular article by Mansurov valuable. Before you give it a read, guess what he picked as the top landscape camera in production.

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Non-Camera Gear Every Outdoor Photographer Should Carry

When we choose an article for HDR News we like to make sure that they contain useful information rather than the obvious. Those articles are difficult to find as so much photo info is rehashed. This article contains some useful information that we haven’t considered before. You’ll especially like the suggestion about the red shirt.


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Sigma 100-400 f5-6.3 Review

If you want to get started with wildlife or sports photography you need a sharp long lens. Better yet, a long 100-400 zoom will give you flexibility and reach. Canon, Nikon and Sony versions of these lens can easily top $2500. Bottom line, you’ll need reach, sharpness and reliability but, it’s got to be affordable. Enter the Sigma 100-400 which can be had for around $800. Let’s find out if price indicates quality or if we’re looking at a tremendous deal.

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16 Questions For The Photographer Of This Amazing Photo

As Larry King said “I never learned a thing when I was talking”. Indeed. Asking questions puts us in learning mode and, that’s just what you have in this article. The image is amazing. How does one capture the flight of a hummingbird and the flight of a honey bee: in the same frame. Let’s ask the photographer. When you question your peers on what and how they’re accomplishing their great works, you just make your own photography better.

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