Month: July 2018

It’s mid-summer and we photographers are all out there shooting. Great! In this issue we will feed your creativity with multiple collections of inspiring images. The articles span subject areas ranging from little known inhabitants of Iceland to sailing to molten lava to moonscapes. We also help you cure a dreaded landscape photography malady and, most importantly, we get you thinking about how to backup your digital assets (you know you’ve been putting it off). Let’s get going.


Love Letter To The Horses Of Iceland

The volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and massive glaciers of Iceland are the darlings of the photography world. Photo articles and  workshop tours of the island are all the rage right now: so much so that images of the Northern Lights are reaching passé status. Refreshingly we seen few images of the semi-wild Sleipnir horses of Iceland. The Sleipnir is believed to be the god Odin’s spirit animal. The images in this piece by Drew Doggett seem surreal. Doggett’s style is broad enough to deliver pleasing graphic composition as well as the sentimental interaction between the animals. You’ll enjoy these images.

See the horses of Iceland HERE


Dream Job: Sailing Race Photographer

There are some niche gigs in the photo world that would make you pinch yourself every day with gratitude. Sailing race photographer is one of those niches. Sailing photography is the largest revenue producer for experienced racer and long-time pro photographer Sharon Green. It’s not an easy area of photography. Your body is constantly moving, your subject is constantly moving and you have to simultaneously manage multiple cameras with different focal length lenses. It probably helps not to be susceptible to sea sickness. See how Green handles it all.

Learn about being a sailing photographer HERE



Avoid Disaster: The Best Online Backup Services of 2018

We know you have nightmares about it and if you don’t take measures it will happen to you. We’re talking about losing your digital photo library. And, if you think you’re currently backed up with a second or third hard drive on your system well, you haven’t considered fire or flood invading your workspace. Yup, you could be certified crazy if you don’t have your digital life backed up to an off-site, cloud-based service. We use Backblaze for it’s low cost and set it and forget it interface. But there are many more better and not so better systems out there. Read the reviews, do some evaluation and get going. You’ll sleep a lot better.

Start protecting yourself HERE


Shooting Moving Lava

The eruption of the Kilauea volcano has been all over the evening news and the images created by photographers willing to get close to the sliding magma are impressive. This collection of Kilauea images is near or at the top of what we’ve seen. Let’s not forget however that the images are associated with serious loss of life and property. The photographer is Mike Mezeul II and his mesmerizing photographs are accompanied by an interesting interview.

See the images and article HERE




How To Shoot Moonscapes

As we advance in landscape photography we work our way through mountain scenes, water scenes, golden hour scenes and blue hour scenes. Eventually we give moonscape scenes a try and this is where the landscape photo journey can get bumpy. With moonscapes we have to deal with various layers of light, different positions of the moon and depth of field issues when trying to get both earthbound objects and the sky in focus. Need some help? Give this article a try.

Check out the moonscape article HERE



7 Things You Need To Know About Shooting Wide Angle Lenses

Do you suffer from WAA? Never heard of the disease? That’s OK. We didn’t until we watched this amusing yet very informative video. WAA or Wide Angle Abuse is a serious photographic malady that makes all of your images look the same. Yes, you finally bought that wonderful wide angle lens to “realize your vision”. Now, you’ve forgotten all your composition and technical chops because of it. If you suffer from WAA check out this article and video.

Cure your WAA by watching the video HERE





What Weighs More Than A Kilo And Costs As Much As A Small Nisan Car?

Well, of course, it’s the new Leica Noctilux-M 75mm F1.25 ASPH lens. Of course! Well, not “of course” because very few of us have the resources to play in Leica land. We can make visits to Leica land however by renting or just reading online reviews. Is this lens worth the money? Maybe. Read on for an in-depth look at the hefty beast.

Make a visit to Leica land HERE