HDR News You Can Use – March 2017

March 2017 – Welcome Again To HDR News

So many of us believe our photographs are good enough for publication and, they most likely are good enough. In this issue, to help us live vicariously, we look at a major publication’s reader awards. Then we highlight a set of photos that have you feeling like you’re on the highest point of a rollercoaster – must see. We’ll also point you to a good article to help you make sense of the DSLR vs. Mirrorless camera choice you’re likely to be making in the near future. We end with a great look at must-photograph locations in Europe. Let’s dive in!

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Popular Photography Reader Photos of the Year

There are so many talented photographers out there who work constantly at the craft while toiling away at jobs that “pay the bills”. These photographers rarely get the joy, satisfaction and validation that published photographers frequently get when they’re published in a national publication. Last month, vernable Pop Photo (formerly Popular Photography for you more experienced shooters) gave many of their readers such a pleasure when they issued the winners of it’s 2016 Annual Readers Contest. There’s some very meritorious work in the collection and some work that says to the unpublished photographer, “ like, hey I can do that!”

Take A Look

Sureal Rollercoaster-like Images

What do you get when you combine a drone, 3D rendering and Photoshop to creatively process photos of the American southwest? You transform the area into a rollercoaster. The article describing this quirky set of photos starts out;

“Pity the poor rancher who finds himself trapped in an Aydın Büyüktaş photo. There he is in his pickup, cruising along a flat Texas road with nothing but cows and cacti for miles around. The perspective shifts, he feels a tickle in his stomach, and suddenly he’s plunging down the first big drop on a rollercoaster.”

See The Photos, Read The Article

DSLR or Mirrorless – Help For Your Decision

Mmmm. You’ve got your Holiday bills paid off, the spring blooms are happening and, you might be yearning for a new camera. No shame there. We love to make photos and we love the equipment that makes it happen. If you’ve been hearing bits and pieces about mirrorless cameras but need to know more about them before you make the DSLR or mirrorless choice, this is the article for you. It reduces the controversy to categories and makes a call on each one.

Read About DSLR vs. Mirrorless

7 Epic European Landscape Photography Spots

If you haven’t traveled to Europe to photograph any of it’s plethora of dazzling landscapes this short collection of suggestions may push you over the edge. Many of the locations you’ve dreamed of and a few you may not have considered. Travel isn’t the real inhibitor these days as fares from the East Coast to London and Paris in October 2016 can be found under $600. From the West Coast they can be found for under $750.

Check Out The Article And Consider It!

Not Photoshopped

These days Photoshop experts are so proficient we can’t tell how much an image has been manipulated and passed off as a one-shot creation. Manipulation of an image is considered a capital crime in photojournalism, as in being a firing offense. Nevertheless, we love those images with juxtapositions and weird alignments that make them seem the result of a Photoshop master post processor. Here’s a nice collection of those images.

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