HDR News You Can Use – January 2017

January 2017 – Welcome Again to HDR News and Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and it’s the perfect time to get some artistic inspiration. We start with a great video on processing in 32-bit mode in Photoshop. We follow with an award winning, globe trekking photographer whose images reveal a strong graphic sense.

We also take a look at a Russia-based photographer who uses long-lenses to create unique images of kids and canines: yes, his photos are inspiring. Not to forget about new gear, we’ll point you to a leading publication’s picks for the best photo equipment of 2016. Lastly, we alert you to a new movie about the photojournalist’s photojournalist.


Tired Of Photoshop’s 32-bit Limitations?

If you’re a Photoshop lover (of course, we use it too) you must have tried merging two or more files into an HDR file using Photoshop’s Merge To HDR Pro function. If you’re merging RAW files, the processing window gives you the option to select the bit depth of the resulting HDR file. If you choose “32-bit” your resulting HDR files will have a robust 32-bits per channel to assign colors to each pixel; pretty powerful.

But, you can lose functionality in 32-bit mode in many apps, including Photoshop. Just open your newly merged file in Photoshop and select Image > Mode > 32-bit. Then look at the pull-down Image > Adjustments. You’ll see that many common Photoshop tool selections are now unavailable to you including Brightness/Contrast, Curves, Vibrance and Color Balance. Wow!

Why not use 32 Float v3 to work on your HDR file in Photoshop. 32 Float uses our Beyond RGB color space so that you can adjust brightness, contrast & tone mapping parameters without affecting the color of the image. Yes, you can make your edits and be sure that your colors will remain unchanged. With 32 Float you’ll even get the full set of HDR presets and tools found in HDR Expose 3.

Working With 32 Float v3 Inside Photoshop


Travel Photographer Of The Year

There are many Photographer Of The Year competitions in various locations around the globe and the TPOTY competition based in Suffolk England may not be familiar to you. However, it has been going strong since 2003 and its judges have consistently made excellent, thoughtfu winner selections.

We are impressed with this year’s <strong>winner Joel Santos</strong> from Portugal. Unlike many travel photographers Santos’ photos cover not only the physical landscape of the land he’s travelling but he also gets into the people and culture of an area in a way that reveals the connection between a land and its inhabitants.

Visit Santos website at joelsantos.net

Visit the TPOTY website to see if this competition is right for you.


Big Dogs And Little Kids – The Great Dane Chronicles

You just can’t dismiss a well executed photograph of a young child. Combine that child subject with an extra large dog and you’ve got the theme for a book.

Yes, it’s dog photography but it’s difficult to overlook the work of hugely popular photographer Andy Seliverstoff of St. Petersburg, Russia. His new book Little Kids And Their Big Dogs is just that and it’s really worth a look. No matter how jaded you may be, his deft long-lens technique and gorgeous subjects are a joy to view.

Visit Seliverstoff’s website at www.greatdane.photography


The Photojournalist’s Photojournalist

You may not know his name but, for sure, you know his photographs. Harry Benson has literally seen it all. From the Beatles to assassinations to African famines Benson seems to have always clicked his shutter at right time and in the right places. But what makes his work stand out from most other photojournalists is he “… gets the joke about life.”

Now there is a new movie on Harry Benson titled Shoot First. Check out the trailer HERE.




Best Photo Gear of 2016

Lot’s of cool new gear gets purchased and gifted right about now. Maybe you’ve got cash left over after taking care of your loved ones and it’s now time to take care of yourself. Where do you start? There’s no better starting point than dpReview’s Gear Of The Year for 2016.

Even more interesting than the selected winners are the product categories; Best Prosumer Camera Drone, Best Accessory, Best Mobile/VR Product and more. Check it out HERE.