HDR News You Can Use – November 2018

We often learn the most by watching others. In this issue we watch pro Reed Hoffmann handle the workflow and editing of a nice HDR image using HDR Express 3, Pinnacle’s streamlined yet powerful HDR application. Then we see how difficult it is to photograph the news when climate change has all the components of disaster dialed up to eleven. For our landscape photographers we get the inside story of Ansel’s most famous image. We then get some help determining the best lenses for our needs and we end with a hands-on with the world’s largest format camera. Let’s go!


Deep Into HDR Express 3

We sometimes forget about the incredible power under the hood of HDR Express 3. Yes, it’s our streamlined HDR editing application but did you know that when you create a merged HDR image in HDR Express you’re working on a full 32-bit image with fully functioning 32-bit editing tools? Try 32 bit mode in most all other editing applications and you’ll see the majority of its editing tools disabled.

There’s so much you can do with HDR Express 3 and wouldn’t it be nice to see a professional talk you through using it? Take the time to watch Spontaneous HDR with HDR Express 3 Parts I, II and III where our VP of Marketing John Omvik and award winning photographer and teacher Reed Hoffmann get deep with the product.

Hoffmann relentlessly crosses the globe shooting for high-end clients and major news publications. He is also an instructor for the Nikon School of Photography and his teaching experience is well demonstrated in the videos.

See the videos on the Pinnacle website HERE. Look for the three videos titled “Reed Hoffmann – Spontaneous HDR with Express 3, Parts I, II and III

Check out Hoffmann’s wonderful website HERE


Wildfire Photographer Laments Politics of Climate Change, Learns Something About the Nikon Z7

Stuart Palley lives on the blazing hot edge of sanity. He’s a wildfire photographer. Being a wildfire photographer involves a whole ton more than bolting out of your pickup truck and pointing your camera toward the blazes, if you want to live to tell the story. In this article Palley shares with you his training and preparations for getting the images and getting out. He also shares his literally hands-on experience with climate change and he shares his experience with the new Nikon Z7. If you’re considering the Z7 for fast-moving professional work you need to read his experience with the camera.

Check out this revealing article HERE


The Full Story Behind Ansel Adam’s Moonrise Over Hernandez

If you’re a landscape photographer you no-doubt are very familiar with one of Ansel Adams’ most famous images, Moonrise Over Hernandez, New Mexico. You may have come across tales of how Adams fell upon the scene driving back from a long shooting trip. You may have not known that when the light in the scene was at its optimum he couldn’t find his light meter. And, what will really surprise you is the way Adams printed the photograph evolved over the years and the version you remember in your head looks nothing like the early prints. Which print versions are superior? All this is explained in a wonderful little video produced by the Ansel Adams Gallery as promotion for the sale of one of the rare 21.5” x 29.5” prints

See how the iconic image was created HERE


DPReview Picks Best Lenses For Canon, NIkon and Sony

Take a short online trip to the website of the camera manufacturer of your choice and you’ll see a wide array of lenses for your camera ranging from super-wide fish eye lenses to enormous fixed focal length lenses weighing tens of pounds. We soon realize that we can’t own every lens shown without winning the weekly lottery so, we start examining how we shoot and which lenses will actually get the job done for us in the most artful and least expensive way. Then, we start the research into the lenses we’ve chosen. Some manufacturer’s lenses are fantastic values and others are disappointments. Why not let the experts do the work for you.

See the recommendations HERE


How To Use The World’s Largest Polaroid Camera

The romantic vision of a great photographer working with a vintage large format film camera is one many of us have. Wood frame, bellows, ground glass focusing and focal plane adroitness are experiences we can’t get with our DSLRs or even medium format cameras. Now imagine making an image in very large format. Large as in 20” x 24” with one of only six existing Polaroid instant cameras. That’s cool. Live vicariously by watching this video of one of the 235 lb. monster cameras in action.

See this enormous camera in action HERE