HDR News You Can Use – December 2017

Everyone here at Pinnacle sends you the warmest Holiday greetings!

It’s been a fantastic photographic year in terms of great images and great new equipment. In 2018 we’ll continue
to dig and keep you abreast of the most important and sometimes off-beat photo industry news. In this issue we highlight
an impressive new landscape photography book, two important articles on photo technique, a tiny surprise about the new
iMac Pro and more. Let’s get going.


Masters Of Landscape Photography: Stunning Images By 16 Leading Exponents Of The Genre

The images in this book are so impressive we immediately tried to buy it. The title Masters Of Landscape Photography does the
book justice if the photographs in this article that ran in the International Business Times is any indication. Take
the time to view the images and don’t miss the short video book trailer at the bottom. Oh, unfortunately Barnes and
Nobel won’t have the book until April 1, 2018.

See the master landscape photographs HERE


Got $13,199 For An iMac Pro?

Really? No, Really? Come on. Believe it. The folks at PetaPixel were elated when the iMac Pro was introduced and dashed to get one. They conjured up their dream machine with the most powerful processor, maxed out memory, maxed out storage and more. The end price is “about the same base price as a 2018 Chevrolet Spark LS”. </p>

Read about the maxed out iMac Pro HERE


Nature Photographer Of The Year

The winners of National Geographic’s 2017 Nature Photographer Of The Year competition have been announced and the winning images are beyond noteworthy. We highlight many competition winners in this newsletter and we think this is
an amazing collection of images by talented photographers both amateur and pro.

See the winning images HERE


20 Composition Techniques

You’ve exhausted the Rule Of Thirds in your photographic compositions. Then, you moved on to tight cropping. Then, you ask yourself the question “what now”. This article gives you composition ideas that are beyond the tried and true and are actually useful. While it starts off with the Rule Of Thirds it quickly moves on to more imaginative suggestions. Even experienced photographers will find this a nice refresher and compilation.

Get the info HERE


Top Ten Photography Tips You Need To Master

If you’re new to photography or just made the resolution to dedicate yourself to the craft then this concise collection of tips is for you. From blurry backgrounds to eliminating camera shake, all the photo technique basics are covered and more. This one read will give you enough skills to work on for the whole of 2018. If you think you’re an advanced photographer then you should make sure that you already master these skills.

Get more info HERE


Top News Photos Of 2017

This set of impactful and wide-ranging news images from 2017 as chosen by The Atlantic magazine provokes your emotions whether you think they’re “Top” photos or not. The Holiday season is a perfect time to be viewing these images as they can’t help but make you feel grateful for what you have. Caution, this photo set can be upsetting in places.

See the news photos HERE



No, You Definitely Did Not Sleep There

You’ve seen the images of healthy trekkers standing on the edge of an epic cliff, gazing at the purple band of light in the early evening horizon while their tents, beaming with lantern light, are fixed behind them. This is where they’ll settle for the night: not. “Fake” appears to have entered the world of adventure photography. Read about Luisa Jeffreys who created the Instagram account @youdidnotsleepthere and get a dose of reality.

Read the article HERE



Those Soviets, They’re Not So Different From Us

Take a Jewish, fine art photographer who was raised in the Adirondack village of Lake Placid (think Olympics) and send him to the Soviet Union in the 1970s as a cultural ambassador and what do you get? Great photographs. Farb says of his childhood, “I grew up in a town where there was enormous wealth, and enormous poverty. It was painful, because I went to school with children who did not have socks to put on inside their galoshes in the winter.” No wonder Farb communicated beautifully with the people of Novosibirsk which Farb describes as half way between Europe and Asia. His photos from that period are now on display in a show titled “The Russians” at the Wende Museum in Culver City, Calif., as a part of its mission to focus on the Cold War.

Read more about Farb’s project and see his photographs HERE



Milky Way Over The Dolomites

Here is a head scratching photographh that makes you wonder “How did the photographer get into position at this time of day?” This short interview with San Francisco based photographer Michael Shainblum gives a glimpse into the process. The image is of the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo peaks in the Dolomite moutains in northeastern Italy. It was shot using eight vertical images with a Sony a7S camera and Canon 16-35 lens and merging them into a panorama.</p>

See the story and image HERE