HDR News You Can Use – Early Dec 2016

Early December 2016 – Welcome Again To HDR News And Happy Holidays!

What a wonderful time of year it is to be a photographer. Scenes of fall colors morph into snow enhanced wonders and eventually, everything turns white. Inspiration is all around you. We’ve been seeing some great images lately with the closing of 2016 Pinnacle HDR contest. Also, a few other photo competitions recently closed providing us with lots to admire and a few shooting ideas as well. We hope this issue of HDR News gets you out there and then back into the digital darkroom to explore your HDR possibilities with HDR Expose, HDR Express or 32 Float v2

Congratulations To The Winners!

The 2016 Pinnacle HDR Contest ended with its usual rush of fine entries which made it difficult to identify the exceptional photos. This year’s winning image by Stanley Klasz is a finely processed waterside scene that is hauntingly calm and nuanced.Congratulations to Stanley and the great Honorable Mention winners!


USA Landscape Photographer Of The Year

mt-rainer-200The USA Landscape Photographer Of The Year competition was created by photographer Charlie Waite who started the UK version of competition in 2006. Judging was done by some of the heftiest names in landscape photography; Art Wolfe, Marc Muench and Tim Fitzharris. The 2016 winner is Alex Noriega for his sunrise lit image of Mount Rainier as it rises above low clouds. A visit to the competition website will truly inspire your photography. Make sure you click into the site to view the winners video.


Useful Winter Shooting Advice

winter-berries-200It’s that time of year when the photo magazines run their “winter shooting tips” articles. They tend to focus on how the colder, wetter weather affects your equipment but provide little in the way of content ideas. It was surprising to find this useful articleHow To Capture Winter Photos Like A Pro” in the British daily newspaper, The Telegraph.

It’s a quick read and it should get your creative motor going.


netherlands-200Off The Grid In The Netherlands

Netherlands photographer Gerard Kingma set out on a project to document the abandoned industrial area near his home in the northern most province of the country (a subject for many HDR photographers). What he found was a group of people living “off-the-grid”. He says: “The group welcomed me into their way of life without wariness or argument. They showed me a different way…”  

After each shoot he presented the group with the photos. Using a 4×5 camera and sheet film required the cooperation of the subjects. The results smash our windmill and wooden shoe preconceptions of the country.


dali-200Inspiration From The Greatest

“You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate the sage advice offered by icons like Jackson Pollock or Frida Kahlo. Nor do they all apply just to making art” The editors of thenew book titled “Art Is The Highest Form Of Hope” went deep into iconic artist’s letters, diaries, interviews and more to create a collection of well-researched quotes that are insightful. This article gives you fifteen of them.

Here’s a representative quote from artist Salvador Dali; ““Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature.”Check out the article, it may give you a boost!