Month: August 2016

August 2016 – Welcome again to HDR News!.

It’s Coming! Readers of HDR News are the first to know that later in August we’ll be announcing the 2016 Pinnacle HDR Contest. Keep an eye on your Inbox for our formal announcement and start planning to execute some great HDR entries during your summer vacation and fall shooting excursions. Entries will start being accepted in August and continue into September. Stay tuned!

Get Off The Beaten Path

This summer it’s very likely that you’re headed off to do some serious shooting at a National Park. The parks are treasures and have been photographed over and over again but likely not by you. You’ll probably have many of the park’s iconic scenes in your mind as you start off on your journey with the goal of replicating them for yourself. What you won’t expect is the army of visitors elbowing you for the same shots like Delicate Arch in Arches NP, the Hoodoos in Bryce NP and Yosemite Valley in Yosemite NP. This article implores you to “…leave the signs behind”.

Drone-250Drone Mounted Flash For Action Photography

What do you do when you need to capture kayakers tumbling down an almost dark water shoot? The kayakers are moving fast and you’re too far away to use a strobe that will give you a short enough flash duration to stop the action. What do you do? Mount your strobes on a drone and position the flying rig right over the diving kayakers. Read how Canon Master Krystle Wright made it happen.

Magnum-Awards-250Magnum Photography Award Winners

Previously in HDR News we alerted you to the wonderful Magnum Photos – Lens Culture Photography Awards. The winners are in and represent an extremely broad view of current photography. Check out the award winners and be prepared to be startled, pleased, instructed and even moved.

Lives-With-You-250When It Sticks With You

When you’re shooting news and human interest stories with a short lens you’re in close with your subjects. That’s when you also get involved with your story in a personal way that in some cases can stick with you for a lifetime. Here’s a compelling look at a California-based New York Times photographer who still has a particular image from one of those stories stuck in her mind and she’s still searching for a resolution.

Shitty-HDR-135“My eyes are crying blood”

To you, our fellow lovers of natural looking HDR photography there is a little area on Reddit that regularly displays HDR photos that are so badly over-processed you simultaneously laugh and lose your breath at the same time Check out the whole page and then pay special attention to this one titled by the submitter “My eyes are crying blood” that truly earns the moniker “priceless”.