Month: May 2016

May 22, 2016 – Welcome again to HDR News!

We hope you’re out there executing on all the creative photo ideas you’ve collected over the winter months. With the longer days we have great opportunities to catch warm, golden late afternoon light.  It’s HDR time!


No matter how long you’ve been pursuing your love of photography there comes a time when you need to revisit the fundamentals of the craft and, indeed, the basics of visual arts.  Following the rules and breaking the rules of framing, composition, shapes and more are the thought processes required to help you execute a photographic inspiration.  We found this great little article that whittles those rules down to a quick read that will refresh all you knew about the basics and more.  Check it out:


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Need Pro Capabilities?; Upgrade to HDR Expose 3.  Here are just some of the advantages of upgrading:

  • Selective color tuning to exactly dial in a selected color without compromising the entire image
  • Manual alignment and de-ghosting let’s you select the right image in your merge group for the best movement stopping results
  • Veiling Glare correction that clears up the lens barrel haze that can be amplified when merging multiple images
  • 32-bit color neutral dodging and burning for exact color reproduction
    • …. and much, much more

Need To Make HDR Easy?  Try HDR Express 3.  When you need speed or just don’t want to wrestle with detailed HDR editing HDR Express 3 will get the job done, beautifully.

  • Auto tonemapping presets that give you great HDR results in one click
  • The same 32-bit, super powered technology under the hood as HDR Expose 3
  • 3rd generation HDR Merge, Auto Alignment and De-ghosting
  • The same Adaptive Tone Mapping technology in HDR Expose 3 that adjusts tonemapping to each individual image

Want To Stay In Photoshop For Your HDR Editing?  Install the 32 Float v3 Photoshop Plugin and get the same 32-bit editing capabilities of HDR Expose 3 (uses Photoshop’s file merge function).

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Magnum-AwardsLensCulture magazine and the legendary Magnum photo agency are teaming up to run an excellent opportunity for photographers all over the world to be recognized and rewarded for their work.  Entries will be juried by an all-star panel that includes Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey, Magnum CEO David Kogan and MSNBC Director of Photography Amy Pereira.  

The grandaddy of all independent photo agencies is Magnum.  Born during the heyday of print photojournalism it’s founding members and following members came back from their missions with incredible and memorable images. Magnum was formed two years after the end of World War II by photo icons Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger and David “Chim” Seymour.  Some of the most recent photo essays on the Magnum website are “The Cycle of Rice” by John Vink, The Fall of Flint by Matt Black and China Too Fast by Patrick Bachman.

Magnum Photo Contest


It’s spring and spring means flower photography.  It comes in all forms from landscapes of blossom carpeted fields to macro close-ups of lily stamens that look like Georgia O’Keefe paintings.  Here’s a great collection of tulips in Germany that could very well jumpstart your flower photography.

Tulip Blossoms In Germany


With nearly 1.4 billion people (that’s B as in Billion) photographs of China tend to show crowded public areas, fierce congestion on the roads and foul air that looks like the result of an out of control forest fire. The photographer Bence Bakonyi sees things a little differently.  His series, Segue, resulted from a six-month solo journey through China in 2014.  His work is a radical departure from the expected that is certainly unique and thought provoking.  Take a look:

China Without People


You wouldn’t think that the military thinks much about editorial photography, only images of targets and equipment.  But, they do.  Military activities can be dramatic in their own right but when they are captured by a talented photographer those photographs can surpass some of the best photojournalism out there. 

“More than 2,432 photos were entered into the annual Visual Information Awards Program which is run by the Department of Defense.  The program celebrates the work of photographers, videographers, journalists, mass communications specialists and graphic artists serving in different branches of the Armed Services.”

See the winners, it’s really worth few minutes spent:

Military Photo Awards