Month: May 2015

BareUCTLogo-90 May 19, 2015 – Welcome back to HDR News!  We’ve got interesting news about the winner of last year’s Unified Color HDR Contest and some really interesting photography from around the web.  Let’s get started.

I'm an Interior and real estate photographer based in the Miami-Hollywood area also specialized in headshots, portrait and art events.


We were gratified to recieve notice from last year’s HDR Contest winner Nuurs Ortiz that since winning the contest he as turned pro and is making his living in photography.  Nuurs’ winner image has adorned the Unified Color homepage since the contest.  The image is so strong we hesitate to switch it out for another image.

In his new professional career Nuurs is specializing in interior architectural photography and he’s making great use of HDR Expose 3 to tame the huge brightness difference between the outdoor and indoor light he encounters in many situations.  We interviewed Nuurs to get the details of current work and the story behind his winning image.  We’ll be featuring that conversation on our blog at copy


We’re now in the final stretch of the 2015 HDR Contest.  We’ve been receiving some wonderful entries which, we’ve been sharing with you on our blog ( and Facebook page (  Check them out!

But, it’s time for YOU to enter the contest.  All you have to do is resize your favorite HDR photo to a 72dpi jpeg no wider than 1,800 pixels wide and email it in.  Do It!  It’s Free!  You can check out the contest details here


If you’re already into HDR you know that your camera’s controls can be limited when you try to create bracketed exposures.  With a tool like the Promote Control you’ll be able to shoot automatic brackets of up to 45 images which is way beyond the capabilities of even top-of-the-line DSLRs.  

The Promote Control shoots automatic brackets of up to 45 images with up to a 9.0 EV step between shots.  It can even automatically step into Bulb for night HDR.  You can also set the Promote Control for exposures from 1/8000 sec up to hours, employ mirror lock-up and adjust delays between shots.

Right now you can get the Promote Control and a copy of HDR Expose 3 and save $100.  Details of the bundle:


The Pulitzer Prize winning publication The Guardian, based in the U.K., runs a yearly landscape photography contest and crowns the winner the Take A View Landscape photographer of the year.  We thought we’d look a little deeper into the work of 2014 winner Mark Littlejohn and thought you should see it too.  Littlejohn prefers to go out extremely early in the morning and work with dense U.K. mist that hugs low to the ground and provides an ethereal look to his images.  Visit his website.  It’s worth the time:


BryceSummer’s Here And The Time Is Right for…..   You know the song but do you know our National Parks?  To prepare us for summer the Conde Nast Traveler put together a look at America’s Best National Park Road Trips.  If you’re looking for some photographic inspiration read the article and then get in your car, go and make an image that you can enter in the 2015 HDR Contest!


Behind The Lens – Pete Souza is a quiet, non-assuming man who happens to have virtually complete access to the daily life of U.S. President Barack Obama.  He’s the current chief White House staff photographer.  Last week Obama visited South Dakota making him one of just three presidents to visit all 50 states.  To mark the occasion Souza, with the help of photo editor Phaedra Singelis, created a collection of one presidential photo from each of the fifty states save South Dakota which was to happen after the project.

Paris-Cry copyPowerful Photos – Buzzfeed recently put together a compilation they called “40 Of The Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken”.  It includes a number of well known photos and many that will be new to you.  Indeed powerful.